Dumb Crap Mobile Gamers Get from ‘Real’ Gamers

Do you enjoy playing games on your browser and on mobile devices? We do too! However, we all have that one gamer friend who spoils the experience by saying how we aren’t ‘real’ gamers. 

This article does not aim to insult console and PC gamers. The author enjoys playing video games on consoles, PCs, and mobile devices. This was written to point out some of the ridiculous arguments bullies use to mock fellow gamers.

When fellow gamers ask what games you play, you mention:





All of a sudden, they pull a Gretchen Wieners.


But wait, they have to condescend you first…


They tell you that ‘real’ games are on console.

original (2)

Or on the PC where they call themselves the master race.


They also like to boast about stuff you don’t really care about.

not interested

Like how you can see the strands of Lara Croft’s hair.


Or complex specs they read straight from the internet (they probably don’t know what they are talking about either).


But at the end of the day, all you care about is having fun.


You know that the best games don’t always have to look like the traditional definition of ‘beautiful’.


And that simple games can mentally challenge you.



Plus, we have ‘big’ games too like.


download (1)

So, let’s stop the hate and be friends.


Because we all love to play games and we are gamers regardless of what and where we choose to play.


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