Who is Your Favorite GTA Protagonist?

Who is on the top of your list?

My personal favorite would have to be Tommy Vercetti from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City mostly because that was my first encounter with GTA. Plus, Ray Liotta did an amazing job bringing Tommy to life. My second choice would have to Carl Johnson from San Andreas. I don’t have any specific reason why, but I’m sure that I like him more than Claude or Nico.

People often mention Tommy, Carl, Claude, and Nico as GTA’s past heroes, but others quickly forget others from spin-off titles. There’s also Victor Vance, Toni Cipriani, Johnny Klebitz, Luis Fernando Lopez, and Huang Lee.

So, which of these characters top your list? Let us know and tell us why too!

Awesome Grand Theft Auto art by Patrick Brown.

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