What’s Your Favorite PlayStation Memory?

What memories do you cherish the most with PlayStation?

Today, we featured Sony’s touching and nostalgic promo that pretty much sums up the childhood for any 90’s gamer kid for our Daily Diversion. It made me think of some of the memories I cherished with the PlayStation systems over the years.

How could I forget crying when my memory card was full after I finished a game? I missed the days when multiplayer simply meant a friend was visiting your house. I’ve had a lot of memories playing games on my PlayStation consoles too. Locking Jeeves up in the freezer always cracks me up whenever my friends talk about Tomb Raider.

How about you? What are your memories?

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There are 6 comments

  1. Nick Verboon

    It’d have to be the very first day I got my PS, playing Dino-Crisis and almost running out of the room when a T-Rex crashed through the wall and ate me. Ditto the shark on Resident Evil. I’d never felt that kind of fear from playing a video game.

    Having a friend over and spending all day dueling each other in Bushido Blade 2 is one of my favorite multiplayer memories. Much cursing ensued.


      1. Nick Verboon

        That’s the one. I was literally frozen in place fighting the urge to physically run away and my character ended up just standing there like a dope until she done got ate.


  2. Jorda

    And here I thought I was the only one who locked Jeeves up in the freezer. I definitely enjoyed the “exploding Lara” code they put into the second Tomb Raider.


  3. CompGeekDavid

    When we first got our PlayStation, Tomb Raider 2 had come out. My whole family played, working together to figure out puzzles, find secrets, the rest. That was an amazing gaming experience, and my first console experience!


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