Looking Back On the Year for Xbox in GIFs

Looking back on a tumultuous year for Xbox in GIFs.

Since the start of the year Microsoft has had a pretty rough year with Adam ‘Deal With It’ Orth’s unwelcome outburst followed by a lackluster Xbox One announcement and the controveries which followed in the weeks thereafter until the post-E3 reversals.

The console’s launch is almost here so let’s look back with GIFs.

February – Will the Xbox One have DRM, will it not? Will it be always online?


March – These rumours are getting pretty nasty, guys. Microsoft needs to clear things up. 

Emotional Rollercoster

April – Deal With It. Does this mean the worst? 

Ron Harry Potter

May – The Xbox One is revealed. 

Watson Sherlock

June – Great games at E3 yet Sony still won. 


But later that month most of the controversial policies were abandoned. 


July – Games With Gold launches, only… the titles on offer aren’t particularly great or recent. 


August – Turns out anyone will eventually be able to develop games for Xbox One, but why wait so long to tell us?

Nervous laughter

But at least Microsoft Points were abolished at last. 


September – Microsoft turns up at the Tokyo Game Show; still believing it can make it in Japan.


October – Turns out Titanfall will be exclusive to Microsoft’s platforms forever. 

Olivia Fringe

November – The Xbox One is here!

Dean Supernatural

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