Editors’ Picks: The Best of The Next-Gen Launch Titles

Here’s a look at two of the better launch titles for PS4 and Xbox One.

Yesika picked up a PlayStation 4 along with three games on November 15th and while Stephen, like the rest of Europe, must wait until this Friday for his, he does have a Xbox One. Here’s a quick look at the best on those systems right now.

Yesika picks…

NBA 2K14 

I know I’ve probably written so much about this game already, but I won’t back down with my claim about it being the prettiest game on next-gen. It’s a basketball game at its finest. People may complain that the next-gen version was stripped of key features in favor of visuals. While that may be true, the experience is still more enjoyable and the leap of graphics is enough to keep you marvelling.

I’ve read reviews that non-basketball fans will enjoy it. I disagree because you still need to have a degree of knowledge of the sport for you to be actually be good at it. However, I do recommend borrowing it if a friend has it just to ogle at the realism alone.

Stephen picks…

Ryse: Son of Rome

Having played Ryse: Son of Rome and Dead Rising 3 I’ll have to advise a trip to the ancient world over an excursion to the zombie-filled streets of Los Perdidos.

The game in many ways mimics the film Gladiator so don’t expect anything revolutionary and while Ryse offers exceptional visuals it’s stymied combat feels like a less fluid version of the fighting seen in the Assassin’s Creed titles. Nevertheless, the adventures of Marius are a solid opening foray into the new console generation and with refinement; Ryse could grow to be quite an excellent series.

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