10 Awesome Bromances in Video Games

A list of some of the best video game bromances.

Girls, who needs ‘em!

Throughout video games’ short history there has been a decent amount of bromances to quench the bromantic thirst of gamers all over the word, and we at Gamemoir decided to put a list together of some of our favorites.

Here lies that list:

Shepard and Garrus (Mass Effect Series)


I do this with my bros all the time.

Marcus and Dom (Gears of War Series)


I love you bro *scowls*

Ezio and Leonardo (Assassin’s Creed Series

Assassins Creed 2 - Leonardo and Ezio talks about Catarina Sforza

It’s rumored that Leonardo Da Vinci was actually gay…Missed opportunity if you ask me

Mario and Luigi


Mario’s excited to make the list

Lee and Kenny (The Walking Dead: The Game)


At least Kenny speaks his mind, right?

Rachet and Clank (Rachet and Clank Series)



Cole and Zeke (inFamous Series)


I guess these two can relate to Garrus and Shepard

The GTA V Crew (Grand Theft Auto V)


Blowin’ shit up is a great way to build camaraderie!

You and Some Other Person (Journey)


For the feels…

Nate and Sullivan (Uncharted Series)


Who needs Elena when you have Sully?

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