We Might Get New Mass Effect News in 2014 – A Reaction

BioWare Edmonton’s general manager has said he ‘hopes’ there’ll be Mass Effect news in 2014. Our reaction to the news here at Gamemoir.

We might, might, get more news on the next Mass Effect in 2014.

By the Goddess! Surely, we’ve waited long enough as it is?


At least BioWare is taking their time with it. It won’t be rushed.


Sorry BioWare, not really.


It’s being developed on Frostbite 3 so it should look good at least.

Sexiest prison

Mind you, that hasn’t helped DICE much good with Battlefield 4 so far…

Bear on chair

Okay, they’re probably waiting until they’re closer to releasing Dragon Age: Inquisition.


But that’s still a year away.

Table flip

The Mass Effect series isn’t quite as much of an RPG as it used to be. Let’s hope this isn’t the next game in the series.

Banderas Dualshock 4

In the meantime, this is what it will be like following the developer team’s twitter accounts.

Downton Abbey

If we’re good, we might just get something at E3.


But there’ll be no Shepard and probably none of his squadmates.


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There are 2 comments

  1. Savannah Winter

    I think a Dragon Age: Origins style prequel might not be a bad thing. You select a race and you get to experience something from around the same time period, I’m thinking Shanxi. Unfortunately, it’s only 30 years or so prior to the game so it’s not all that different.

    The other option is a jump into the future so we don’t have to see all the peace and happiness saving the galaxy brought and just get to deal with the next big bad.

  2. ralfast

    I’m done with EA after DAII and ME3. And I say EA because Bioware is no more, they are simply a vestigial organ of the EA juggernaut.

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