Why Shuhei Yoshida is the Most Adorable Game Industry Executive Ever

Why Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida is one very lovable game industry executive. 

Irrespective of your gaming platform of choice there are some universal truths. One of them is that Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida is the most adorably executive in the industry.

No really, let me prove it.

Some family gaming time while also getting to show off one of the PS4′s key features; the share button, clever Shu.

He’s traveled a lot this year and that takes its toll.

Yoshida said it was David Cage’s voice.

Maybe it was a cultural thing but there was probably a hint of Quantic Dreaming.

And he keeps up to date with what the PlayStation community is talking about as evidenced by this Antonio Banderas imitation gif from the PS4′s North American launch party.


Who can forget this video from E3?

Then there’s his PS4 unboxing video which spoofed Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories.

And he took the time to congratulate Microsoft on the Xbox One’s launch.

He’s perfect GIF material:

Yoshida GIF

He actually responds to people on Twitter. No matter how deviant their comments.

Battlefield 4

And he even took this article well.

Now Shuhei, where’s Jak 4 please?

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There are 4 comments

  1. Jack Rooney

    First, allow me to say that this piece is absolutely amazing, true, and may just be my favorite thing ever posted on this website.

    Second, please tell me you tweeted the link to @yosp because if you don’t, I just might.

  2. Nick Verboon

    I can’t believe South Park had Bill Gates bash this awesome guy’s brains in on their show. I’ve watched it since season one and that may be the closest they’ve ever come to offending me. And that’s coming from a longtime Xbox supporter.

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