What New Lara Might Have Looked Like

Have a look at some of concepts Eidos when through for Lara in the Tomb Raider reboot

Yesterday we had a Lara Croft fan film so today we’ll take a look at how her latest video game iteration might have turned out differently.

Brenoch Adams worked for several years as a concept artist for Eidos’ Tomb Raider reboot and above you can see just some of the ideas he had for redesigning Lara.

The design on the left look like a more certain Lara than the one we got in the game and more like the character in the earlier titles while the one in the middle is obviously closest. Perhaps the one on the right is the most interesting however – it looks like a slightly younger version of heroine with a broken arm. That certainly would have been an interesting gameplay mechanic but no doubt difficult to get right which may be why the idea was discarded.

You can check out more of Adams’ art for Tomb Raider and other projects here.

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