Gamemoir’s Interview With Skyjoy’s Vice-President

Here’s our interview with Skyjoy’s vice-president Alex Portilla on their upcoming ‘vertical’ game Super Kid Cannon. 

1) Super Kid Cannon is described as ‘guaranteeing’ fun for everyone with its easy-to-play format, don’t you think that’s a little ambitious and how are aiming to achieve this?

Yes it is ambitious, but it’s something that we planned from the very beginning. Super Kid Cannon (“SKC“) has been play tested by people of all ages and skill levels. As the game’s developers, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to make sure that everyone can enjoy the game.

SKC is for everyone. It has a simple to learn mechanic, just tap to launch from cannon to cannon. We’ve also incorporated features for the more advanced players, like jump shots that take more skill and offer better reward, but are not necessary to finish the game. SKC also ties into Facebook extremely well and it has a “live” map that keeps players up to date in real time.

2) The game’s trailer references both Mario and Sonic, do you think there’s scope for those kinds of mascots on mobile systems?

Mario is one of our favorite heroes, and you will see a fair bit of Nintendo influence in SKC. Yes, there is always room for one more Mario; but, we think there is an important  condition that needs to be met for a character to become the mascot of mobile, and that condition is quality.

SKC is not your common mobile game. It is truly a AAA caliber game. We have been developing SKC for over a year- and a half with a team of about 17, because we believe mobile games are the future. We have set the bar very high and we believe that our hard work and passion for gaming will earn us a spot next to Mario.

3) You’re the first developer I’ve spoken to whose game has been in development for Kindle Fire, what attracted you to Amazon and how has development been on the platform?

We will first be releasing on Android and iOS, then Amazon and Windows. The tool we use, Unity 3D, allows us to develop for these platforms with minimal impact. Amazon is a great contender.  They own a huge share of the Android tablets market. They are a channel we simply cannot ignore in our mission to make SKCs fantastic journey available to all audiences.

4) If you could give only one reason why people should play Super Kid Cannon, what would it be?

When it launches, it will be the best game out there. It is unique, exciting, addicting, and a whole new genre on its own, “Vertical Launcher”.  It is a trailblazer!


5) Would you say developing a ‘vertical’ game was particularly challenging and how does it compare to similar games?

Developing a vertical game did have its challenges. However, I think the key to SKC’s success is that it was specifically design for touch screen. We made over ten prototypes before we came to our final solution. We have always been in tune with players – every step of the way we ask for their opinion. We probably have over three hundred videos of people trying out our game.

As far as comparisons go, we really believe it is going to be the best game out there.  There are so many creative and exciting gameplay elements in SKC, and the vertical nature of the game merely serves to make it even more unique and engaging.

6) Super Kid Cannon consists of many hand drawn levels, was it difficult to create varied art throughout the game and what was the inspiration for the aesthetic?

Our levels are one of the aspects of the game we are most proud of. Each level was hand drawn first as a concept, then as a scale image on grid paper. We have level scrolls that are literally 40’ feet long, drawn on paper.

Inspiration came from Disney and Nintendo. Anyone can see this from the moment they play SKC.

7) If you could give a single piece of advice to prospective game developers what would it be?

Start at an early age and don’t ever give up. There are lots of places on the net where anyone can get free information – tons of support. This is a great day and age to be making video games.

8) The game is said to offer a challenge to hardcore gamers, how are you hoping to do this?

The levels have been designed to be played more than once, and they gradually become more challenging.  This is especially true considering we’ve packed over 1000 feet worth of levels into the game.

There are also many power-ups and out-of-the-way skill shots for the more hardcore players which will result in higher rewards. SKC also has awesome Facebook integration that will pair you up against friends.  The Facebook integration will feature leaderboards and live maps that will breed serious competition.

9) What release date and price are you aiming for?

SKC is almost done! We hope to launch by March of 2014 in New Zealand, and in the US and the rest of the market shortly thereafter; however, “we will sell no wine before its time.”

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