The Forecast: February Edition

The Forecast returns with the latest gaming news for February.

It’s that time again, Gamers! February is just a day away, and there is plenty to look forward to this month! Picking up steam from a Slow January, February promises to deliver that little extra we were looking for.

While the polar vortex chills the country, it sets up the perfect opportunity for many Xboxers out there looking to snuggle up, grab some hot chocolate, and get nostalgic. One of the most highly regarded Xbox games of all time gets a re-release in the form of an Anniversary edition this month. In case you haven’t guessed it, the title in question is none other than Fable.

fable anniversary

The path is crystal clear! No really, it looks much better.

The “re-imagining” is a full HD remaster, complete with a new interface, lighting system, and new gameplay. The Anniversary edition will also include The Lost Chapters for those who enjoyed the additional game time, and smart glass integration. Fable Anniversary will be the perfect way to start the month with its February 4th release date.

nightvision outlast

Nightvision is used quite a lot in Outlast. Sadly, a Paris Hilton cameo is nowhere to be seen.

Only a day later, Red Barrels Games drops its survival horror title Outlast on the PlayStation 4 system. Previously available on Windows, Outlast is a first person game, set in a mental asylum. Though combat isn’t a major gameplay aspect, there is still plenty hair raising moments to get the adrenalin pumping.

bravely default

Is it just me, or are game chicks wearing a lot more clothes?

The 3DS gets a treat from popular company Square Enix with the February 7 release of Bravely Default. Following in the footsteps of the Final Fantasy franchise, Bravely Default is role playing game featuring a turn based combat system. Highlights include Heavy voice acting for cutscenes and battle sequences as well as multiple endings, which I’m sure will make the replay value of this title quite high.

Lightning cloud outfit

Is it weird that this make her hotter to me?

While we’re on the subject of Square Enix, The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns hits the market for the PS3 and 360 on the 11th. Lightning returns is said to complete the FFXIII series, And already has a bunch of ad on content to make gameplay even more enjoyable like the Cloud Strife outfit and Buster Sword. GameStop is even offering an exclusive DualShock 3 controller with a Lightning Returns theme.

Far Cry the wild expedition

This REEKS of awesomeness, Insanity, manliness, and foul smelling armpits.

Moving forward, and far away from civilization, there is an adventure (more like 5) to be had with Far Cry: The Wild Expedition. The compilation game includes Far Cry 1, 2, and 3, as well as Far Cry Classic and the hilarious Far Cry: Blood Dragon. The Wild Expedition is set for release on Feb. 11th as well on 360, PS3, and PC.

Donkey kong country tropical freeze screenshot

Oh, you know… Just Chilling with Donkey Kong. NBD.

Wii U gets to shine on the 21st as a familiar Nintendo face steps to the forefront when Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze hits store shelves. The titular character finds himself locked in a chilling battle (see what I did there?) to reclaim his home from a group of Viking like animals known as the Snomads. Tropical Freeze will be the first game in the series to be presented in high definition.

plants vs zombies garden warfare

Growth vs decay. Chlorophyll vs Coagulation.
Nature vs the undead. You get the picture.

The month really starts to heat up on the 25th, when a number of highly anticipated titles become available. Plant VS. Zombies: Garden Warfare Invades the Xbox realm for both the 360 as well as the Xbox One.  The sequel to one of the most addictive mobile games on the market deserves some console spotlight. A PC version is also on the way some time later.

rayman legends screenshot

Well… this looks fun. Got that blue guy right there. Looking like he’s enjoying himself.

Rayman Legends will be making its début on the new systems. This co-op friendly title is fun for all ages, and follows a gameplay style similar to that of Rayman Origins. The game is set to have 120 levels to complete using familiar faces from the series.

lords of shadow 2 game art

Take control of Dracula, and you can bet there will be hell to play!

Next up, making its way into the light is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2. The final chapter in the Lords of Shadow saga gives 360 and PS3 players a chance to take control of the most feared vampire on the planet, Dracula. This adventure will see the former Belmont up against his most powerful enemy yet, Satan himself!

Garret dangles from the roof, eyeing a mark in the upcoming Thief title.

He’s robbin’, and he wears a hood. If that doesn’t speak volumes about his character, I don’t know what will.

Stealing the spotlight, however, is Eidos Montreal’s Thief, a first-person stealth based game which is a reboot of the classic games of the same title. Set in a steampunk, Victorian-esque world, this multi platform title is sure to turn some heads. Just try not to get caught, as the choice driven gameplay usually doesn’t lend well to violence.

February definitely keeps the ball rolling with a great selection of titles for almost all the systems. The spread doesn’t even stop there with a few more games worthy of note like The Lego Movie Game, Nascar ’14, Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy, and for all you action movie fans Rambo the Video Game. All scheduled for February, all games worth looking into.

So get your gamer gear ready, Because February is going to be an absolute blizzard of games. Try not to get left out in the cold! And stay tuned towards the end of the month for the March Forecast.

Happy Gaming!

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