Geek Chic: Armoured Jumper

Emma shows off a piece of clothing that’ll keep you warm AND protected from both the cold and enemies alike.

Winter might be drawing to a close soon but there’s still a nip in the air, especially here in the UK, So, with that in mind, I thought a bit of warmth might do us good so heres a fantastic Robin Hood Knight Padded Jumper by iamknight on Etsy.

This fantastic piece of clothing comes in at a base price of £217.24/$348 which is very expensive in my eyes but people pay more for designer jackets so perhaps it’s not as bad as I’m thinking.

If you’re interested in looking at this for yourself, you can find it here. This shop specializes in customised ‘armour’ jumpers which are all unique and made to order. You can find their shop here: iamknight.

About Emma Craib

Co-Editor of PressStart2Begin and contributor of Gamemoir. You can follow me on DeviantArt under the name ashenRenegade or email me at

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