Do You Watch Let’s Play Videos?

Some people like watching other gamers play games. Are you a part of that crowd?

I personally do not like watching Smosh or Pewdiepie play video games online. When I do catch their videos, they usually scream so loud or blabber gibberish. My friend once told me that it’s a skill to play a game well and provide insightful commentary at the same time. I agreed with him especially since some games are a challenge even if you are completely focused on it. I won’t argue that these guys have tons of followers and are extremely popular though, but it’s not just my things.

Most of the time I like watching Let’s Play videos with no commentary. I’m more interested in watching HOW they play. How about you?

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  1. goseebananafish (@goseebananafish)

    This reminds me of the former BioWare writer who said she would rather enjoy the story from a video game than the gameplay and wanted to skip the battles. “Gamers” ripped her apart on the interwebs for not being a real “gamer”. Seems like watching videos of others play is the same thing.


  2. Georgia Sampson

    I love watching Let’s Plays, though if I’m honest I can’t stand PewDiePie and those with a similar style. They’re way too loud and that dumb persona they use especially for YouTube just doesn’t appeal to me. I love the more thoughtful LP-ers though, the ones who are just naturally funny or just play a game with honest reactions. Good examples on YouTube are Davidr64yt or FrozenFoxy. Little more obscure but way less annoying!


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