Tweets of the Week: Next Mass Effect, Pokémon Remakes, E3 2014

This week BioWare once again teased the next Mass Effect, the internet reacted to the Ruby and Sapphire remakes, and more. 

Confirmed, Mass Effect 4 set in Shakespearean England:

Or an era when ‘thrilltainment’ is a word.

He made the right choice:

Like Frankenstein, except in I Frankenstein, but then, that movie never happened.

Best E3 in years.


63.9 billion.

Not long to go now.

Still though, Kevin Spacey.

If I am going to die, I will die well dressed.

And he never told us what they said.


Can’t argue with that strategy.

We’re halfway there.

He’s a plumber, actually.

I’d buy ‘em.

BUT how did they know?

Mass Effect: Whatever You Call it Don’t Call it 4:

All the monies.

One of the most painful experiences in gaming.

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