Which E3 announcement are you most excited for?

Uncharted 4? Sonic Boom?

I was watching press conferences before E3 the entire day for my job. There were a lot of announcements that got me so excited. Rainbox Six Siege got me hooked when I first saw the gameplayIt’s already a given that I’m excited for whatever BioWare has. Uncharted 4 looks amazing and Far Cry 4 looks as awesome as ever. Interestingly, I thought that I gave up on Assassin’s Creed but the co-op feature just won me over.

How about you?


There are 2 comments

  1. Jeremy Voss

    Grim Fandango HD, no question about it. There’s lots of other exciting stuff, too, but that’s been on my personal wishlist for YEARS, and to see it happening – and to be able to play it later this year, on my TV AND my Vita, is very exciting indeed.


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