Tweets of the Week: BioShock Infinite on Fox, The Sims, and Talking to Cats

A collection of the best gaming related tweets from the last week. 

But did you report on the “breaking news” (their words) that a Sherlock 2015 Christmas special begins filming in January like the BBC?

Life imitated a pretty good video game.

Amazon treats their employees just like second class citizens in Columbia, after all.

That’s 5/100, by the way.

Finally, those objective reviews the internet so desperately wants!

Solid reasoning for investing in a company that primarily makes video games.

I’m going to say Schroedinger’s Cat awaits you.

And not just RPGs.

Women beating men at video games? It’s impossibru!


Free speech will also only be considered free speech if it begins with the words “what’s up, guys?”

I prefer ‘super mega-fun not broken at all testing stage!’


I prefer to think of myself as a connoisseur of the interactive entertainment arts.

Wait, user reviews can be misleading?

Nothing good can come of this.

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