Gamemoir is a video game culture and lifestyle website dedicated to delivering entertaining, fresh, and through-provoking content to our readers. We don’t publish video game repetitive news and reviews that you might have seen from a myriad of other gaming sites. We write about the experiences, reflections, people we meet, and the games we love to play from the unique perspective of our diverse stable of contributors. We dig deeper into dissecting our favorite video games to give our readers a new perspective on topics they thought they knew.

Gamemoir was inspired by the moments when we found out about an elusive easter egg in Grand Theft Auto, we realized gamers tend to share the same characteristics or the time we pondered the philosophical undertones of Shadow of the Colossus and so on.

Gamemoir is a collection of these moments written by and for the video game community.

We advocate content that is honest and free of hateful speech. We ask you to do the same when responding to our articles. All comments will be moderated to ensure that Gamemoir continues to be an avenue for candid and respectful discussions between gamers.

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