Facebook Buys Oculus Rift Startup for $2 Billion

Facebook adds Oculus VR to their list of high profile acquisitions.


Yesterday, news broke that the social media giant Facebook acquired the startup behind the Oculus Rift. The company is also known for its high profile acquisition of WhatApp and InstagramWe normally feature funny stuff for Daily Diversions, but this acquisition is quite interesting. I really wasn’t expecting a company like Facebook to buy Oculus VR. However, it’s not that surprising when you think about what their technology can do beyond gaming.

Hey, this is food for thought you can ponder to jumpstart your day.

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  • I’m with you here. I have been looking forward to (One day!) getting an Occulus Rift. The one thing I hope is that Facebook, now that they’ve bought Occulus Rift out, does not force us to link it up with a Facebook account. Not everything should be about social networking.

    I do wonder, if the link with this could see some interesting applications, such as a sort of “Skype” system for Facebook. What I mean by this is, could we have a virtual reality version of our friends next to us? Who knows what the future brings… And it’s the most interesting development this month, I’d say. Let’s watch it unfold! 😀