Europe’s Two Week Wait for the PlayStation 4

The PS4 may be out in North America but the rest of the world must wait a little longer. Handling the wait – in GIFs. 

It’s only two weeks. We can make it, right? 

David Tennant

On second thoughts… that’s a long time. 

Giles Buffy

Especially when everyone is streaming their gameplay and taking pictures of the box.

Everything sucks

Not to mention the guy who got a PS4 and then smashed it.


I mean, if you’re going to wreck one at least shoot it while recording the footage in slow motion

Ron Philosopher's Stone

So yes America, destroy your perfectly good consoles while we watch from afar and cringe. 

Hermione Philosopher's Stone

At least by testing PSN out on PS4 in North America first they’ll have all the kinks worked out of it by the time the European launch rolls around. Right? 

Spock Star Trek Into Darkness

But the outlook probably isn’t good. 


And all the while, your North American friends are being all next-gen and stuff. 

Hate talking

It could feel like a very long time. 

Britney waiting

But it’s better than the five month delay for the PS3, isn’t it? 

Anne Hathaway shut up

We’ll need something to keep ourselves distracted. 


In the meantime; here’s Shuhei Yoshida doing his impression of Antonio Banderas – the unwitting face of the PlayStation 4.


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