Pokémon Problems: The Trials Faced by Every Trainer

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All trainers have been there, some of the trials and tribulations of playing Pokémon. 

The Pokémon games are pretty fun and they’d want to be as the core fundamentals essentially haven’t changed since Pokémon Red and Blue on GameBoy but sometimes, they can be a tad annoying too.

Pressing ‘A’ too quickly and having to talk to the Pokémon Center nurse again. 


Entering a zubat infested cave.


Challenging your rival to a battle. 


Searching through random trash cans for items. 


Challenging the Elite Four.


‘There’s a time and a place for everything’ – well maybe I want to ride my bicycle indoors, professor. 


Returning to your home town with a level 60 team to take on the level 2 Pokémon


The miltank gym fight in Pokémon Gold/Silver


Team Rocket/Magma/Plasma etc. talk tough but then send out Pokémon like rattata…


Bug type Pokémon trainers who talk even tougher. 


Trainers who only have magikarp. 


Seeing an item but not having the right HM to reach it yet. 


That moment when you realise you’re effectively enslaving innocent creatures to battle for your own amusement. 


But then, they do attack you for no reason whatsoever. 


‘Finishing’ Pokémon Gold/Silver and realising the game is twice as big as you thought it was.


Beating Red.


Wondering why there hasn’t been a remake of Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald yet. 


Navigating ice fields in caves/gyms.


Once, there were 150 Pokémon. Now there are over 650. 


The legendary Pokémon who keep fleeing whenever you approach them.


But hey, you can move diagonally in Pokémon X/Y. 


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Stephen Daly

Gamemoir's editor-in-chief and a news editor for Gameranx. Stephen believes that all game platforms are created equal but some are more equal than others.

  • ceekyuucee

    Bug trainers are awesome because bug-types are awesome. DON’T HATE.

    Also needs a gif for “Returning to your hometown with level 60s to kick the crap out of level 2s.” Unless I’m the only one who does that…

    • http://gamemoir.com/ Stephen Daly

      To each their own.

      Added a GIF for that. 😉

  • http://neabunnyblogger.wordpress.com neabunnyblogger

    Reblogged this on Nea Bunny:Introducing Myself and commented:
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    • http://gamemoir.com/ Stephen Daly

      Thanks, glad you liked it!

      • http://thestartbutton89.wordpress.com/ pushstart89

        Haha nice one you put in the Milktank boss battle- I thought it was just me, Whitney’s Miltank was pure evil especially with rollout…

  • http://neabunnyblogger.wordpress.com neabunnyblogger

    My Babies !! ^0^

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