The Seven Stages of the Steam Summer Sale

The Steam Summer Sale is upon us and the wallets of PC gamers everywhere are under attack. 


Only 50% off? You’ve got to be kidding, Valve.

Go away

I don’t actually need or particularly want this game.

Robb Stark

But it’s cheap so I’ll buy it.

What have I done

There are too many deals to keep track of.

Britney Spears

I’m not buying anything else.


That one game you actually really want is barely reduced at all.

The Office

The sale ends and you have no money but it was worth it for all those games you’ll probably never play, right?

Megan Fox

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Stephen Daly

Gamemoir's editor-in-chief and a news editor for Gameranx. Stephen believes that all game platforms are created equal but some are more equal than others.

  • I really ought to save this for a column, but what the hell: I’ve reached that point in my PC’s life where new AAA games are probably better experienced on my PS4. And I’ve also reached the point in previous Steam Sales where there’s nothing really screaming at me to be bought. So I’ve made a rule for myself for this current sale: I’m only buying something if it’s (a) on my wishlist, and (b) is at least 50% off. That ought to stop the bleeding for a little while, at least.