Fallout 4

The Trials of Being a Bethesda Fan

Sometimes it’s hard to love the house of Fallout.

You spend an hour on the character creation screen, only to don a full suit of armour and helmet at the earliest opportunity.

Snape Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Bethesda is making an announcement!


It is not about Fallout 4.


And all those teasers and websites were elaborate fakes. 

Morgan Freeman

But actually: 

James McAvoy

The Dead Money DLC for Fallout: New Vegas

Miss Piggy The Muppets

All the bugs. 

Oh, shit

Children in Skyrim.

Meryl Streep

Playing on console so you don’t have access to mods. 

Deep Sigh

Stupid NPCs.

Scarlett Johansson

The original ending of Fallout 3

Fuck is this

Seeing somewhere on a mountain that you can’t reach without having to backtrack for ages and there are no fast travel points nearby. 

Nathan Fillon Firefly

The one, weak enemy you can’t find that’s stopping you from fast travelling. 

I hate you!

Being over-encumbered and having no idea what you want to drop. 


Saving a village but accidentally killing a chicken in the process, making you as much of a monster as the dragon, apparently.


The series of Oblivion gates you closed, not realising that, actually, you didn’t have to.

Bored ZombieAnd once, again: No Fallout 4 news.

Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger Games

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  • Bro, any game that doesn’t let you murder children is garbage. It breaks muh immersion and junk. If you can’t kill digital children, what’s the point of even gaming?

  • I think it is bad that I know about every single thing you’ve talked about. At the end of Oblivion, I sat and hun I did not have to close all those gates oh well. I am a mage, so I can use all the balls, I do not remember what the balls did but they had something to do with magic. As for Fallout 4 I have been wait for it since I bought Fallout 3 for 60 buck in ’08.