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Interview With 9Fury’s CEO on Dididodo, the Games Industry in Asia, and Tower Defence

Here’s our interview with Toan Tran of Vietnam’s 9Fury studio on their upcoming tower defence game Dididodo, development in Asia, and more.


1) How do you think Dididodo stands out from other games in the tower defence genre? Why should people play it?

Basically Dididodo Tower Defense is the first one of its kind that has five Ds. We call it 5D technology. (Oh, I’m just kidding). When developing Dididodo, we want to produce a simple and fun game that anyone can play.

In Dididodo, although you have to kill off the monsters to prevent them from reaching Dididodo fridge-spaceship, you should not let them die too fast so that you can achieve other goals. Just give it a try!

2) Which other games, either tower defence titles or games in other genres, would you say have had the most impact on the development of Dididodo?

We have played and referenced a lot of tower defense games. If there is any impact, players will notice when they play Dididodo.

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3) In Dididodo players can collect items such as famous figures, buildings, and furniture how does process work and are there gameplay benefits from acquiring these?

You can collect these items if you meet some specific conditions, such as killing Monster Boss in a stage. Generally speaking, these achievements do not affect the gameplay; however, they bring players a sense of fulfilment. Interestingly, these achievements are not just a title or a badge in some other games; they add liveliness to your planet.

In addition to these achievements, you can earn money to recruit stronger Dididodo soldiers with crazier weapons and defeat the monsters easier.

4) Would you say your game is targeted towards newcomers to tower defence or veterans? Is it designed to appeal to both?

Dididodo brings new experiences to veterans. Also, its simple gameplay helps newcomers to get on board quickly. Dididodo is designed to appeal to both.

5) You’re releasing first on Android and then on iOS devices, was there a particular reason for choosing this route for launch?

Releasing early on Android is beneficial as we can receive feedback from users and improve the game accordingly before launching on iOS.

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6) 9fury is based in Vietnam, can you give some insight into the games industry in the country at the moment?

Vietnam is among the biggest game markets in South-east Asia. However, most of the games come from China and are distributed by Vietnamese companies.

The gaming industry in our country is still at its early stages. There are only a few game studios; I can use your fingers to count (Well, this year, I guess I will need my feet as well, which is a good sign). Currently, we are not only trying to develop our own game studio but also hope to contribute to growing the games industry in Vietnam.

7) How does the Vietnamese game industry compare to the market in Europe and North America? 

The Vietnamese gaming industry is very young but full of potentials. It is growing rapidly. The Vietnamese game market, however, is dominated by games coming from China. With the similarities in culture and mindset, games that succeed in China are very likely to win Vietnamese players. Currently, there are only a few of game studios in Vietnam that can survive and compete in the market. As for Vietnamese gamers, hardcore gamers are most willing to pay. An ordinary Vietnamese player doesn’t have the habit of buying apps or in-app offers, which is the biggest difference compared to Europe or North America.

8) Beyond Dididodo, what do you hope to work on in future and will forthcoming projects be of a similar variety?

Dididodo is our very first product and in the future we will definitely make more games until our hands are paralysed (just kidding). We have many plans, especially for mobile phones. Stay tuned for our progress!

9) If you could give one piece of advice to prospective game developers, what would it be?

Form a strong team and take care of it. Enjoy the journey rather than be obsessed with the destination, I would say.

Thank you very much for your interest in Dididodo and 9fury studio. 

You can sign up for more information and check out how Dididodo’s development is progressing here.

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