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Nine Video Games That Would Make Good Books

The bookworms among you would probably be foaming at the mouth if you saw your favourite game in a paperback adaptation, here’s ten you might like the sound of.

I don’t know about you but sometimes when I’m not up to gaming I just want to sit on my own with a book and just completely zen out. However, sometimes when I do that I miss some of the imaginative, colourful worlds that gaming gives me (not that books don’t do that too, I’m talking about certain ones in particular) and wish I could read more about them.

With that in mind, here are ten video games I think could have great novelizations if they were given the right author and time. I’m going to start with the obvious ones first and work my down.

1. Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain Gif
I mean, really, this would’ve torn me to pieces if I’d been able to read what Ethan was thinking.

The idea of crafting this cinematic game into something you can read and become immersed in sounds really exciting to me because, being honest, as a game Heavy Rain didn’t really do it for me.

I would’ve much preferred being on the edge of my seat reading about the Origami killer and getting all the different characters thoughts and feelings in words rather than snippets of dialogue. 

2. L.A Noire

L.A Noire

This would make a fantastic detective novel purely because of all the different areas of the crime you needed to explore. It would be a good novel to get people into the whole murder mystery/detective genre.

Don’t get me wrong, L.A Noire was a good game that I thoroughly enjoyed but the bookworm in me wanted to see the detectives inner turmoil a bit more; some characterisation would have not gone amiss.

3. The Last of Us

This would be tense as hell.
This would be tense as hell.

Nobody can say this wouldn’t make a fantastic, gripping novel. As well as having killer suspense in there the emotional depth would just be amazing. Being able to see into the hearts and minds of Joel and Ellie would give that extra level of emotional depth that would just sell it for me.

Sure, the action wouldn’t be quite so hyped up but for me, this game was never really about the action. It was more about the journey and conflict that the characters had to overcome to get from A to B.

4. Dishonoured

Ahhh it's so badass!
Ahhh it’s so badass!

Although the book would have to choose whether Corvo would take the stealthy approach or the violent approach (though I think stealthy would be more fitting), I truly think a Dishnoured novel would have a lot of potential as the game focuses more on what Corvo has to do rather than Corvo himself.

Plus with the Heart being a tool with a voice and seemingly emotions (STILL creeps me out), and plenty of other characters along the way, the whole novel would be incredibly balanced and filled with adventure for the reader.

5. Gears of War

Gears of War Headshot

I can just FEEL the disagreement coming off people in waves but hear me out. This series is much more oriented on the actual fighting than the people behind it. Being able to go into depth about Dom’s wife or Marcus’ father would be a big selling point for me.

I think a book would be able to prove that GoW isn’t just a brown shooter series with no attachment or imagination. Given half the chance, I feel it could make a thrilling book and be a lot of fun to read.

6. Amnesia: The Dark Descent


No, I’m not crazy. I think this would make a fantastic horror book because you’re already got journal excerpts to set the scene for you. You have a fantastically dark environment to write about and fear comes across surprisingly well if written right.

Also, for a first person protagonist, Daniel is incredibly well done and would take minimal fleshing out to turn his character into someone the reader could develop an attachment to. Maybe not even an attachment; maybe the reader would begin to associate Daniel as themselves as they went through this eerie, horrific journey.

7. Alice: Madness Returns

Alice Madness Returns

Not many people have played this game but I think it’s not done enough justice. It’s creepy, well done and keeps you hooked all through the whole freaky adventure.

It would make an amazing novel considering you could go back and forth between the real world in London and the fantasy ‘wonderland’ that’s inside Alice’s head. Perhaps that could introduce a new dynamic where you could read about where she thinks she is and where she ACTUALLY is.

8. The Professor Layton series

Professor Layton

This would be more for a younger audience but I feel it could be a fantastic way to get kids into the detective genre. Instead of having puzzles at the crime scene it could be Layton actually examining the crime scene and could give lovers of the game something else to do now that the series is drawing to a close.

It’s one of those incredibly versatile games that could do well on any medium (except probably a movie, though a TV series may work) and I think a novel or even a series of novels could be incredibly interesting.

9. Okamiden

Okamiden Dance

This game would make one of the most emotionally engaging, adorable and adventurous novels yet. Following Chibiterasu (yes, that’s his name) through his journey in the mortal realm gaining and losing multiple companions along the way to help cleanse the world of evil.

It could give us a chance to put words to the little pup’s persona as Chibiterasu only ‘speaks’ through barks and whines. I’m not suggesting we pitch dialogue, but his behaviour and body language could be described in much more detail in a novel.

So, there it is! As always, any comments are suggestions are welcome and maybe we’ll see novelisations of some of these in the future! Here’s hoping, huh?

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