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10 Games That Ruin Friendships

Emma takes a look at games that have caused their fair share of arguments and broken controllers among friends.

All friends fight, no matter how close. Friends fight even more when it comes to games that pit you against each other, or even when you’re working together. I thought I’d pay homage to this frustrating phenomenon so here’s my ten games that can ruin your friendships.

1. All of the Mario Party games

David Tennant Bastard

This had to be on the list. This series is renowned for causing arguments, falling outs and all sorts of insults thrown across the room.

Bonus stars are a big part of this, in my experience, or mini-games not being ‘fair’. Overall, if you don’t argue at least once while playing this game you’re not playing it right.

2. All of the Mario Kart games


Another obvious entry. For similar but not identical reasons to the one above, this Mario installment has us scowling over the fact it’s so easy to screw other people over with shells, bananas and the like.

There’s also the fact that it’s rather fast-paced in comparison and it’s just plain infuriating sometimes when you think you’re doing so well one minute then you blink and you’re 4th all of a sudden.

3. Super Smash Bros. Melee/Brawl

Marshall Panic

Nintendo has a talent for making games that make us want to punch our friends it seems. Most of the time in this game it isn’t even directly your friends characters that have aggravated you so much; it’s the ITEMS they pick up.

You see that little glint in their eyes when they pick up the hammer and start merrily making their way towards you that you start to flip your shit and desperately try to find a way to get out of the situation they’ve now put you in.

4. Minecraft

Don't you DARE!
Don’t you DARE!

Not a very combat oriented game, this is true, but your friends can still be massive douchebags to you and the beautiful creations you’ve made. It gets to the point where it’s not the monsters you’re looking out for, it’s your idiot friend with a flint and tinder when you realise your house has wool floors.

Or, if they’re extra evil they’ll wait until you’ve built something super impressive and make a mine underneath it and spam the whole damned area with TNT and remotely set it off with redstone (I’m totally not speaking from experience, I’m not crying). Tell the judge the murder was just.

5. 007 Goldeneye

Panda Rage

This game was the bane of my existence when I was younger and I had just gotten an N64 (and friends ._.). Goldeneye had pushed us to the point where I would need to leave the room, have some juice and come back later.

Don’t get me wrong, it was super fun and I still enjoy it to this day but if I played it NOW I’d probably snap the controller of my knee and throw myself out the window.

6. Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Unimpressed Gif

After a recent session of this with my roommates I can safely say that this game is rage fuel for your opponent when you have a team you know how to play and they don’t. It’s one of those games where losing doesn’t want to make you quit, it makes you want to rematch again, and again…And again.

On top of that, the variety of characters is so numerous if you find something that DOESN’T work you can keep trying until you find a setup that DOES so you’re never guaranteed to win/lose all the time. So it sucks up hours of your day and all you have to show for it is higher blood pressure.

7. Borderlands 2

I...Needed...That...Ammo ._.
I…Needed…That…Ammo ._.

This one holds a special place in my heart because this is the game my boyfriend and I started and finished together. We found it a lot of fun and really interesting to play co-op but my god did we fight. A lot.

I would accidentally pick up health he needed, he’d take ammo I needed, we’d get different rewards for turning in the same quest and I got a better reward than him. I could go on. Also, we could never agree who’d be the driver and who’d be manning the guns on the back. (I was always the better driver, shhhh.)

8. Portal 2

Renaldo Rage Gif

This game is fantastic and great for building relationships with your friends. It’s also great for wrecking them too. This is one of these wonderful games where you finally find out your best friend has the mental capacity of a brick.

Either that or they deliberately go out of their way to pretend to not know what they’re doing, leaving you trapped in the last area until they get bored of torturing you and want to progress. Yay, friendship!

9. Counter-Strike

Rage Quit

This game isn’t as popular among myself and my friends as it is with my roommates. I’ll come in after a seminar, dump off my stuff and hear frantic screaming coming from the kitchen. I think someone’s being brutally murdered and they are…Kind of.

I swear the silent treatment the offender in question gets can last for days and the one time I tried to join in I quickly realised the mistake I had made. Never beat them at anything. Ever.

10. Monopoly

I quit

I don’t need to explain this. You’ve played the board game, and it’s available for the PC. Rage inducing, friendship ruining, money grabbing ‘fun’.

Oh, I’m done. I’m so done it’s not even funny.

Soooo, mild rage aside, there you have it! As always you’re quite welcome to leave your own suggestions or comments down below.

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  • Battle. Fucking. Toads. Some of the levels are impossible and if one screws up, you both start over. You could be on the roll of your life about to clear the unclearable level for the first time and your co-op buddy just cannot get his shit together and is just messing up your groove. Next time around you’re still pissed, but now it’s you who is running into ever obstacle and he’s mad at you and you’re mad at him for being mad at you when you were mad at him, because he’s the one who started it, the bastard!

    And if I ever played MvC3 in a room with somebody and they choose Sentinel, there’s probably going to be a real fight.

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