10 Games That Should Be Made Into a TV Series

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Game to screen adaptations are becoming more and more common; Emma talks about a few she thinks should get the same treatment.

A lot of games have acquired their own series or movies in the past. It’s becoming more and more common off late and so I’m going to list ten games that I think are due the same treatment and would excel if given the chance.

1. Dragon Age: Origins

I'm well aware this is from Dragon Age 2 but oh my god I'm dying.
I’m well aware this is from Dragon Age 2 but oh my god I’m dying.

You knew a BioWare title would be in here somewhere. I’m picking the first in the series because the second game just doesn’t have the same body as its predecessor.

The only problem with this would be which gender, class, race and origin story to choose but BioWare have been good with fan polls before so I think they’d go with the fan majority in each.

2. Red Dead Redemption

So pretty~
So pretty~

John Marsten captured my heart in this phenomenal game and I think making a traditional Western with a modern gaming twist version of this would be amazing with the right actor cast as our hero.

This could be debatable considering Marsten was voiced by Rob Wiethoff who created a very iconic voice for our protagonist. Would Wiethoff take on the roll, or would we just need to settle for someone as similar as possible? I think we all know it wouldn’t be the same.

3. Dark Chronicle/Dark Cloud 2

Dark Chronicle

I’m not sure how many people remember this gem but for those that do you’ll remember how magnificent this game was and how the story was unlike anything you’d seen before. I still go back to it from time to time and no matter what age I am it’s still an incredible game.

The journey of Max and Monica was immersive and just one of the best games I’ve ever played. That and the fact that the music was just phenomenal makes me think an animated series or even a movie would give the game a well deserved reboot.

4. BioShock Infinite

This is unrelated, I just love it.
This is unrelated, I just love it.

Despite the storyline being well wrapped up in this game, I think a series would be incredibly interesting. Booker and Elizabeth are easily two of my favourite characters in gaming and being able to see their journey in a bit more detail would be great if played by the right people.

Plus, the recent DLC for the game opens up heaps of opportunities for spin-off series; overall I just think if it was done well it has a lot of potential to be great.

5. Fire Emblem: Awakening

And the fight sequences are pretty cool too.
And the fight sequences are pretty cool too.

I know I’ve been harping on about this game but there’s good reason for it. I also think making a series (perhaps an anime?) of this addition to the franchise in particular would be extremely worthwhile. They’re already halfway there with gorgeous cutscenes with good voice acting to go with it.

It might just be the fangirl in me when it comes to Fire Emblem franchise in general, but I think it’s all there; engaging plot, interesting characters, happiness, sadness, good music. So what’re you waiting for Nintendo?! Ohhhh, yeah right…Budget cuts…

6. inFamous

I mean come on, imagine seeing THAT on your tv?
I mean come on, imagine seeing THAT on your tv?

Nobody can say this game didn’t have a good story and despite the sequel that’s to come there’s a lot of room for expansion here in terms of a TV series. I just think it’d be pretty interesting and epic to see how they integrate the powers with actors.

Then again, that’s hardly a difficult thing considering how far film editing has progressed. Plus, we all remember the choice you had to make and how difficult it was; seeing an actor putting it into words of their own might even make us shed an empathetic tear.

7. Bayonetta

N-No Bayonetta....
N-No Bayonetta….

An odd entry, some would probably say and yeah I agree. This one is probably more down to personal preference but I think a series with Bayonetta and maybe even including her daughter could be pretty good.

Maybe taking away the whole ‘I get naked when I hit things’ would save the rating a little, but Bayonetta will always be risque and there’s no point trying to change it, The humour, though, would be something to tune in for.

8. Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 Maya

In the hands of a sufficiently creative writer this could have real potential as a series; with a landscape as wide as Pandora and such unique characters are your various Vault Hunters it could be really good. Of course, you’d need to amp up the plot so it was a little bit more than pew-pew, get the loot.

Either way, whether people agree or disagree, I think this would make a pretty sweet series so long as the right people stepped in. Also, you’d need someone especially dry to play Handsome Jack. Any suggestions?

9. Jack & Daxter series.

How I feel 95% of the time.
How I feel 95% of the time.

Not only would these guys make a good comedy/adventure kind of show, but the further you’d get the more you’d delve into darker, more mature areas. It shows a very good progression which is what you’d want from a good TV series.

Only catch would be it would almost definitely have to be animated; if not it would take a helluva lot of work. But hey, similar things have been done before!

10. Fallout 3

Boom. Headshot.
Boom. Headshot.

Yes, it would be very risky since it’s a very open-world oriented game, but it has a lot of potential. Of course, side quests would need to be fairly limited otherwise it would never end. Ever.

Anyway, I just thought it might be a good TV show because of how you start and how big the adventure is. There would be many, many, MANY kinks but I think the overall product could really be something amazing.

So there you have it! As always, if you have any other suggestions, leave them in the comments below!

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  • Good picks. I’d watch the hell out of any of these. I don’t know why Nintendo makes games like Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Tactics, and any other number of great RPG’s for the DS instead of proper console releases, but until they start I’m unlikely to ever buy one of their systems again since I don’t really do much portable gaming anymore.

    • There are actually two Fire Emblem games on the Nintendo Wii, if that’s of any interest 😀 Well, ones on the Gamecube and the others on the Wii.

      • How did I not know that? Thanks, guys. I had not even heard about the Wii one. Whenever I hear about a great new Nintendo RPG, it seems like it’s almost always on a handheld. Niche games that they are, they could be system sellers for somebody like me who is within that niche and starving for full-budget quality JRPGs. $40 a game is a lot for a handheld title when I potentially could get two or more slightly older console games with much better production values for that price. I got Ni No Kuni for $15 at Target and I just downloaded Tales of Vesperia and Shin Megami Tensei 3 FES for $5 each a little while ago. That’s a lot of quality console gaming for a little over half the cost of a typical 3DS title. I would potentially consider getting a Wii-U for games like Fire Emblem, but last gen ports and more Mario and Zelda? Prolly not. I know budgets are a concern, but so is nobody buying your system.

    • The Gamecube Fire Emblem is definitely worth checking out if you can. I’m not as big on the Wii follow up. My bet why Nintendo keeps a stable of great games on handhelds is twofold. For games like Pokemon, Nintendo wants handheld exclusivity in order to keep handheld supremacy by having games only available on their handhelds. For games like Fire Emblem, it’s because it’s more of a niche game and handheld development is cheaper.

      If I remember correctly, Fire Emblem Awakening was set to be the last because of a lack of popularity, and its massive success caught Nintendo off guard. That being said, they’ll still likely stick to the cheaper option, at least until they finally tell us more about Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei.

    • If you want a massive Wii U JRPG that is probably going to be amazing, check out Monolith Soft’s X. These are the same people behind Xenogear, Xenosaga, and the amazing Xenoblade Chronicles. We only have a teaser trailer right now, but it’s extremely impressive.

      • If Sony and Microsoft still haven’t impressed me with their new offerings within a year or two, I just might give it a go.