10 RPGs That Would Make Great Musicals

Ever thought of it before? No, me neither, but hey it sounds like it could be fun!


Certain RPGs are known for being extravagant and a little bit out there. These are the ones that stick in our mind just seem to be a better fit for a topic so obscure. So here are ten RPGs that would make great musicals, either film or stage.

Final Fantasy X

Yuna Gif
This was one of the first that came to mind. The emotional story coupled with the gorgeous cinematics means it wouldn’t be particularly difficult to reenact and I think some musical numbers would only intensify the feeling you got when you played this absolute gem of a game. It couldn’t go far wrong apart from casting, but I’m sure with the right director it could work.

The Witcher

True Witcher
It’s an unconventional one, for sure, but I would love to see Geralt burst out into song and dance just after a night with one of his many ladies. I think it could couple action and comedy in a very dark, perfect way. I might be wrong, but I love the idea nonetheless.


Perhaps another comedy here? I could imagine choruses of minions and a duet with your mistress in your castle. The villagers, the monsters, and even the sheep! It would almost be a work of satire and that seems to be one of the most appealing factors for me.

BioShock Infinite

Elizabeth Dancing
Why? Because Booker and Elizabeth would be stunning leads, and the story would be something to rival Les Miserables in my opinion. It’s an odd topic to discuss when it comes to such a unique game but perhaps its uniqueness would be what would make it work.

Dragon Age II

I was thinking of including it’s predecessor in here but I thought the scope of such a game would be far too broad to compress into a musical even if you follow the main plot. With the second installment, the mage and templar plight would be a massive point in any musical as well as a very unique and quirky supporting cast. The only bit you would need to decide would be Hawke’s gender and class. A small price to pay!


I’ll be honest, I really just want to have Sheogorath burst into song and dance and a big musical number when Martin ascends. I know I said Dragon Age was too broad, but Oblivions main storyline is quite linear and easy to follow if you were to do it right…I will admit, it’s mostly for Sheogorath.


Fable has a special place in the heart of many a gamer, and it’s emotional upheaval gives it a good standing for a musical with passionate music. The journey of your character could make a triumphant score in itself, never mind everybody else you meet on your journey. A strange topic for a somewhat strange game.

Tales of Symphonia

Every time I mention this game, nobody seems to know what it is and that’s a damned shame. This game could make a good anything really; tv series, movie or musical. It has everything you need to make a success story out of it, there’s just not enough attention around it and hardly anyone played it. I’m going to keep singing its praises, because it’s genuinely one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Kingdom Hearts II

As long as Disney were in charge of this, I have a feeling this could be amazing. The story and the music is all there, as Disney always is, and they’ve done a good job with all of their own affairs so far. Why shouldn’t there be a musical about Soras tale?

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Radiant Dawn Gif
As well as having plenty of action, Radiant Dawn also has a lot of intrigue, politics, war and other world-saving antics that seem to make people want to see more. A musical would be a fantastic opportunity to get across all the themes and feelings each situation has. The game also has subtle anti-racism messages throughout, so that could also be incorporated.

So there you have it! Agree or disagree, here are my ten picks. As always, comment with suggestions below and any opinions you might have!

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  • How’s about Eternal Sonata? Interpretive song and dance numbers complete with hip-hop breakdowns set to the moody classical piano of Frederic Chopin in a story about his looping deathbed dreams. Yessss….

  • I’ve thought about what video games would make good movies but not about if they’d make good musicals. I have to say it’s a very original topic.