20 Reasons Why Garrus Is An Awesome Best Friend

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Mass Effect fans will remember this guy, and there are plenty of reasons to love him – here’s but a few.

We all love Garrus. It’s just true; he’s with you through thick and thin and as a character he’s incredibly well fleshed out. He has to be one of my favourite companions in gaming and there are plenty of reasons why. Here are some, but there could very well be more.

He has a wicked sense of humour

Garrus N7 Gif

He’s always got your back

Shepard Gif

He’s one of the few characters that’s with you through all three games

Garrus ME3

He actually listens to you and values your input


If you’re Renegade you can have a bitchy banter back and forth about Turians

Garrus Shepard

He’s a badass sniper (From Mass Effect 2 onwards)

Garrus Sniper

Turians just generally look cool

Garrus Nod

He respects you and your decisions

Garrus Nod

He shoulders your burdens with you

Garrus Liara

He doesn’t lecture you like some other crew members (not pointing any fingers)

Ashley Williams

He actually gets along with other crew members

Garrus James

His voice is amazing

Garrus Citadel

He’s not afraid to get his hands dirty with his work

Garrus Gun

He doesn’t take anyones crap

Garrus Damn

He, like most of your crew members, is not afraid to point out your…Flaws


He’s just awkward enough to make him incredibly endearing

Garrus Calibrations

He’s not afraid to make a fool of himself

Garrus Face

But at the same time he knows when to get out of there with you

Garrus Run

He’s Archangel

Garrus Archangel

Your ship will always be calibrated

Garrus Shepard Calibrations

So there you have it! A very extensive list on why we love our Turian companion so much. As always, comment your own suggestions and let me know if I missed anything!

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  • http://nickverboon.wordpress.com Nick Verboon

    He had the reach, but she had the flexibility. To be fair to Shepard’s dancing, the Citadel DLC showed me that Liara is shockingly the worst dancer on the Normandy. Who knew?

  • Sara Clemens

    More like 20 reasons why Garrus is an awesome boyfriend, amirite ladies?