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Four Things I Hope Will Be In Future Grand Theft Auto Games

GTAV may have gotten a host of 10/10s but there’s always more Rockstar can add to the series.

The Grand Theft Auto series has always been amazing because of all the stuff you can do. I felt the entire Rockstar team really put their heads together thinking what the gaming public would want to do in their huge sandbox game and actually made sure you can do it! Still, I do believe there are a few things that Grand Theft Auto can still include in future installments.

Here’s are four things I would like to see in the future of the series:

1) Zombie missions

Grand Theft Auto Zombie Quarantine Notice

They already made an awesome zombie DLC story pack for Red Dead Redemption with Undead NightmareZombies makes everything better! Yeah, I know this has been pretty much done to death (pun intended) but I honestly would love to see how a zombie outbreak would work in the world of Grand Theft Auto. There could be a facility somewhere in the city performing dangerous experiments with viruses and an accident happens, causing the outbreak.

Besides, it’s not like Rockstar hasn’t done it before. They already made an awesome zombie DLC story pack for Red Dead Redemption with Undead Nightmare. Like Undead Nightmare, the zombie missions don’t need to intersect with the main story. Even if it’s just a standalone DLC zombie story, I’ll be happy.

2) A Female Protagonist

Grand Theft Auto V Female Characters

There are three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V; former bank robber Michael, unhinged career criminal Trevor and former gangbanger Franklin… and all of them are men. Rockstar took quite a bit of flak for not including a female lead in their latest game. While Dan Houser did defend their decision to not include a woman as one of the playable characters (the story is kind of male-centric), the outcry does show that there are some people who would want to see a girl take on the lead role in a Grand Theft Auto game.

She may need to dress up as an “escort” in order to get close to a high profile target she’s been hired to kill.It’ll be pretty easy to create some unique missions for a female lead while still retaining the Grand Theft Auto feel. She may need to dress up as an “escort” in order to get close to a high profile target she’s been hired to kill. Or she may need to pretend she’s a stripper and pose for some “racy” pictures with a senator. The possibilities are endless!

I’m not saying all of her missions would be like the ones I mentioned. I’m just saying there are a lot of ways to make it interesting and actually use her femininity as part of the gameplay.

3) A game set in different eras

Grand Theft Auto Vice City was extremely popular, not only because it was the sequel to GTA III, but it also capitalized on nostalgia by setting it during the 80’s. I actually hoped there would be more installments where you got to play during different eras. I’m not forgetting Grand Theft Auto London, 1961 and London, 1969. I just can’t mention them since I haven’t played them. Besides, those games were made in 2D and I would really want to see a modern 3D take.

Grand Theft Auto London

There are so many eras Rockstar can use. They can make a game set during the prohibition period of the 20’s with your character working for Al Capone and finding ways to outsmart Elliot Ness and his Untouchables. Or have it set during the 70’s and have missions set during a Woodstock-like event.

4) A Space mission

Grand Theft Auto In Space

I do think this will never happen with GTA taking a more “reality-based” route and Saints Row cornering the market on “crazy sandbox” games. But there was a time when GTA would throw you into insane situations for no apparent reason. Remember the pseudo-spy missions that Mike Toreno gives you in San Andreas?

I wouldn’t want the entire game to be set in space. But I would like to have one big mission where you get to hijack a space shuttle, travel to a International Space Station analogue, steal something (maybe like a moon rock?) and fly back to Earth (hopefully in something like the escape pods you see in movies). Yes, it’s extremely far-fetched but I know it would be a blast to play!

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  • I’m with you on the zombies front! It’s definitely been done before, but GTA would be the perfect place to do it, and I’m always surprised that they haven’t. If you want a good city based zombie game then definitely try out State of Decay!

    • I always love a good zombie game! Maybe I’ll get State of Decay on PC since there’s no way they’ll make a PS3 version.

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  • Zombie idea: every innocent civilian NPC that is run over or killed by the player awakens as a zombie 24 hours later in a cemeteries throughout the city. Hookers and strippers awaken as boss zombies that can run like World War Z zombies. They don’t spread the disease, just chase after the player.

    • Pretty interesting idea! That way, it kind of makes sense why the zombie would chase after the player exclusively! Sort of like a revenge thing.