Gamemoir Recap: Final Fantasy, Dragon Age Keep, and Gamers in Love (Aww)

Looking back at Gamemoir’s articles for the week of August 26th to 30th. 

This week we had articles on 8-bit RPGs, three of the most overlooked games of recent times, gaming relationships, and what Dragon Age Keep means for fans of BioWare’s series.

For the full list see below!

Monday August 26th

If These Sprites Could Talk: Stories in 8-Bits: RPGs generally retell the mono-myth, a story told for as long as humans have been telling stories. Sara Clemens asks why she was so attracted to 8-bit versions of the hero’s journey as a child.

What Video Game Releases Are Like Today: Video game releases from announcement to when you get the game into your system of choice; a tale in GIFs by Stephen Daly.

Final Fantasy and Me: Is This the End?: A Final Fantasy retrospective from long term fan Nick Verboon and his hopes that the series might return to glory.

Tuesday August 27th

Three Games That Should Have Been More Successful: Charlie Roberts on why Binary Domain, Bulletstorm and Alpha Protocol are some of the most underrated games of recent times.

The Truth About Gamers and Video Game Sales: Video game sales and you, a guide in GIFs by Yesika Reyes.

Relationships and Gamers; You Can Have My Heart Container: Some advice on founding a relationship with another gamer from Emma Craib’s perspective.

Wednesday August 28th

My Gamer-Girlfriend: The epic moment when you learn your partner is a gamer, by Matthew Sloley.

Why I Love Pokémon So Much, I Think They Should Die…:  An interesting and macabre take on Pokémon by guest writer Iredia Okojie.

My Internet Friends Are My Real Friends: Virtual friends can be as meaningful as ones you meet in real life says Paul Stehlin.

Thursday August 29th

Why [Insert Name of Console Here] Rules!: A satirical letter aimed at all the gamer fan boys out there from Victor de la Cruz.

Dragon Age Keep Saves People Money and is Appealing to Newcomers: Yesika Reyes on Dragon Age Keep’s potential and some of her concerns.

Seven Deadly Sins Gamer Edition: Seven deadly sins from a gamer’s perspective, by Yesika Reyes.

Being a Gamer in Latin America: What it was like growing up as a gamer in South America by guest writer Camilo Suárez.

Friday August 30th

Madden NFL 25: I Was Bored Before I Even Began: A lot of changes have come to EA Sports’ games over the years – and not all of them have been a good idea says Zack Matzo.

Pokémon Problems: All trainers have been there, some of the trails and tribulations of playing Pokémon by Stephen Daly.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Picking Up Lost Planet 3: Why Capcom’s latest foray into the Lost Planet series deserves your attention according to Chris Dubuc.

Current-Gen Series That Should be Repackaged for PS4 and Xbox One: Some of the best games of the current generation which deserve to be revisited on next-gen platforms by Stephen Daly.

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