Gamemoir Staff Picks: 10 Halloween Video Game Recommendations

The genius minds behind Gamemoir give their picks of “scariest games ever” just in time for Halloween.

Gamemoir’s staff gathered to share the discuss the video games they consider the scariest of all time. Halloween is here and we all know that everyone just wants to be scared, so we compiled a list of games that could possibly give you nightmares for weeks. Trust me, some of these games listed below were disturbing enough to make me ask my mother for a night light.

Please note that we are not responsible for any untimely deaths caused by fright from attempting to play any of these games.

Editor’s Picks

Yesika Reyes

1. Any Fatal Frame video game (PS2)


Don’t let the outdated graphics fool you, this game is the scariest game that I have ever played. The basic idea of the game involves the player battling ghosts with the Camera Obscura. You can’t kill the ghosts from afar. You actually have to wait for them to move closer until they charge in order for you to focus on their faces and inflict maximum damage.

However, it’s the subtle moments that keep you awake at night. The camera angles are effective in recreating the experience of seeing something in your peripheral view. You don’t know if it’s your eyes playing tricks on you or if you actually saw something, but you can feel in your bones.

There are moments when you have to use your camera to look for clues, but sometimes the game surprises you by cleverly placing an idle ghost in your view when you least expect it.

2. Forbidden Siren series (PS2 and PS3)


In this game, zombies don’t die unless you chop them up to pieces (which you can’t do). These zombies are different though because they don’t eat you and they are not stupid. It is possible for them to use weapons, open doors, and even speak.

You basically have to go from point a to point b without being killed. How do you do that? You have an ability called sight jack which lets you see what the zombies in the area are seeing. Players use it to study the zombie’s routes to time when to move from place to place. You can sneak up behind them to knock them out temporarily, so it’s a way to check if they’ve stood up. The environmental objects can also be used to get rid of the zombies.

What makes this game scary is the fact that zombies don’t die. There are also times when I suddenly find myself in the sight line of zombie and they start chasing you. You could go and hide inside a closet, but there’s a tense feeling that they’ll open the door as they linger so close to it. It’s funny how you can even hold the door close just in case they decide to check inside.

3. Outlast (PC and PS4)


So, this is the second game in the list that features a camera. I loved how you could switch from camera mode to normal first person mode. There’s this fear inside of you that something will pop up in your view after each transition. You are basically a journalist trying to investigate an asylum. You don’t have weapons as your only ally is the camera and it’s night vision feature to aid you.

It’s really creepy how the lights would turn off in some areas and you’re only relying on night vision. This game definitely gave me legitimate scares that I have been missing for a very long time.

4. Condemned series (PC, Xbox 360)


Finally, an Xbox game is mentioned among my choices! Any game from the Condemned series is chilling in my opinion. The first game is about a cop who is hunting a serial killer who is hunting other serial killers using the latter’s signature modus operandi. What makes it creepy is how you’re mostly alone exploring dark places the whole time.

At first you rely on guns, but sooner or later you have to rely solely on melee weapons that eventually break if I am not mistaken. You also have to battle some twisted individuals along the way who aren’t just bums or drug addicts. Sounds is very important in playing this game because that’s how you know if there are hostiles in the area.

I remember one freaky part that almost gave me a heart attack wherein I was casually opening cabinets looking for loot. Little did I know one of them had a deranged mutant looking bum hiding in one of them. There’s also the time when I was making my way down the staircase and I realized that mannequin I passed earlier disappeared. Well, you know what happens next. It’s the unexpected and chilling moments that make Condemned close to my heart.

Nick Verboon

5. Slender (PC)


I think Slender really strips down the gaming experience to the basic core of fear itself. A lot of AAA titles tend to startle us with a lot of scripted jump scares or super gory graphics, but none of that is as elementally scary as being alone in the dark pursued by a mysterious faceless figure that you can’t really even look at. Is it still there? If I take the time to look is it going to catch me? Oh crap, my flashlight is going out! WHERE THE FUCK IS IT!!!!! The pulse-pounding audio track really escalates the suspense too. Just a masterpiece of minimalist terror.

You can download the game’s first version (Eight Pages) through the developer’s website. The extended and refined version (The Arrival) is available for purchase on Steam.

Paul Stehlin

6. F.E.A.R (PC, PS3, and Xbox 360)


I would have to go with the first FEAR game.  I know its a shooter where ammo is plentiful and you have that cool slow mo ability on command, but I still remember having a constant feeling of apprehension while playing the game.  The building was dark, the enemy AI was pretty tough and most of all, the occasional “unknown origin” radio signals you would get from Alma all added up to a seriously spooky atmosphere.

I distinctly remember climbing up a ladder, looking left, right then back left and Alma was right there in my face.  My hear jumped out of my chest as I emptied a full clip at her before I realized the ghost was gone and I was shooting air.  While there might be other, scarier games out there, something about FEAR’s creepy atmosphere and Alma’s disturbing visits always make me think of FEAR first when it comes to horror games.

April Daniels

7. Gone Home (PC)


As I wrote earlier, Gone Home is the scariest game I’ve ever played, but in an unconventional way. If you’re looking for more traditional scares, nothing beats the indie creep fest Slender – the Arrival. The game makes great use of ambient sounds and a slow burn of increased tension as you navigate the dark environments. Play it with stereo headphones for the best effect.

Victor de la Cruz

8. Silent Hill: The Room (PC, PS2, and Xbox)


The scariest game I would recommend to play on Halloween would have to be Silent Hill: The Room. While Silent Hill 2 may get a lot of accolades for being the most terrifying in the franchise, it only frightened me after I really thought of what I saw. The Room, however, the fear grips you while you’re playing it.

 Also, during the first half of the game, your apartment (the titular Room in question) is a safe haven where you can regain health. But, during the latter half, you can actually die in the room if you’re not careful, so the tension level increases, which kind of threw me for a loop.

Emma Craib

9. The Path


This psychological horror game constantly gives me shivers. The aim of the game is to get to grandmas house without straying off the path…Or so you think.

Basically you can only really get what you need if you stray off the path. Irony. The Little Red Riding Hood theme throughout only makes it creepier and while there isn’t any gore or true horror, the psychological element is enough to leave you disturbed.

Jack Rooney

10. Infestation (PC)

The War Z Screen

This game, previously named “The War Z”, is an MMO that pits the player against hordes of zombies itching to take you down and the natural predators of hunger and thirst. The terrifying part about this game isn’t the zombie hordes placed around the valuable food, water, and weapons, proper use of melee weapons can handle that threat, but is instead the well-armed, vicious, uncooperative players that populate the game who are more than willing to kill you for everything your character has on them.

This is an MMO still in the progress of being perfected and certainly lacks polish but the seeds of awesome, adrenaline-pumping, terrifying game play is there. I was never more fearful playing a game than when my hours of hard work were on the line and enemy players were chasing me down.

What game scares you the most?

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  • Animal Crossing. I’ve never played any in the series, but I’m afraid it would suck up my soul and eat all of my free time.

    • Sara Clemens

      I’m like one of those smokers who stands there smoking and tells you never to start, but DON’T EVER PLAY ANIMAL CROSSING.

  • Sara Clemens

    Ooo, Silent Hill: The Room and The Path would both make my list!

    The Room is underrated, I think. The “bad” ending is actually incredibly awesome. I pretty much <3 Silent Hill, all around.

  • Leaving the first Dead Space off of this list is a head scratcher.

    • It’s not an “of all time list,” we do personal best picks.