Rise of the Tomb Raider Lara Croft

Tweets of the Week: Tomb Raider, gamescom, and the Death of Kinect

With the Tomb Raider controversy and gamescom, it was a good week for gaming tweets. 


He’s going to go far in life.

Here’s how you take one for the team.

I think, therefore I meme.

Just look at the emotion.

Is Sackboy legally old enough to drink?

Dude, way TMI.

Phil Spencer retweeted this. So, he’s proud of killing Kinect? To be fair though, so would I.

It’s a new era.

A system seller at last!

Everything fake Kaz said this week was gold. Everything.

This industry cannot be trusted with naming things.

They can call it the Xbox 50 Shades of…

Kinect? What’s a Kinect? No idea.

It’s basic economics, guys.

Sony announced the PS4 has now sold 10 million units. Don Mattrick had some things to say about that milestone in 2008.

There were some problems with EA’s gamescom stream.

No dental though.

Well worth the pre-order.

Portable gaming is so 2011.

Phil Fish is tweeting again! Surely he has something constructive to say. Oh…

A connected, multimedia future.

We should launch a Kickstarter for one.

How this industry works.

EA knows what’s what.

DLC? I’m going to say DLC.

Ubisoft? Or Abstergo? Or are they the same thing?

Thanks Obama.

2014, the year horse defecation became a feature in video games.

There wasn’t even any cake.

Well, they’re only to sell about five in Japan anyway.

Share a Coke with a Gamer. Wait, why on Earth would you want to do that?

Gotta review ’em all.

Destiny? Never heard of it.

Somebody please tell me the Haribo factory is still open.

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  • You monster. I just endured the sound of at least 1000 brain cells committing suicide in unison inside my own head after reading that first tweet. Why would you do that to other people? My lawyers will be contacting you regarding damages. Or at least they would if I had any.

    • In fairness, the CoD: AW tweet is probably worse.