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Great Character Archetypes from Dead Rising

This article takes a look at some character archetypes from the Dead Rising franchise, explaining why the author enjoys them so much.

Dead Rising is a very interesting zombie survival franchise where the player can use almost everything and anything as a weapon. It’s the type of game where you can beat a zombie to death with a park bench or put a silly mask on one to make them harmless. The game is one of the best sandbox games around. The player can follow the story, rescue survivors, kill psychopaths, go around driving vehicles, and so much more. The Dead Rising franchise has so many fun components to it

What I love about the Dead Rising franchise isn’t the zombies or weapons. For me, it’s all about the larger than life survivors, the people who managed to live while the rest of the world went to hell. These people tend to have explosive personalities, sometimes literally, and are a lot of fun to just be around. The survivors are broken up into two categories: Survivors (appropriately enough) and Psychopaths. The Survivors are portrayed as the victims. They are good people who need your help to bring them back to the safe house.

The Psychopaths are the people who’ve lost their minds. They are the really fun ones. You get to fight clowns, strange guys dressed up in bunny leather outfits, white tigers, magicians, roller skating store mascots, postmen, lounge singers, and so much more! They tend to kill innocent survivors, then set their sights on you. Or, they are holding people hostage and it’s up to you to save them. Either way, the fights are freaking awesome!

The Survivors and Psychopaths tend to fall into categories since most of them are typecast. I want to share with you some of my favorites from the series!

5.  The Overweight Pig

Survivors: Ronald Shiner and Richard Kelly

The Overweight Pig is always found the same way. You receive a call saying they see someone searching for food at a diner. So you find them to see what’s going on. They are always the same: overweight and ravenously hungry. They don’t care that there is a zombie apocalypse going on. They just want to eat.

Worse, after you bring them back to the safe house, they will end up stabbing you in the back! They always lead a mutiny because of their out of control appetite.

17Why I like the archetype: They are kind of like zombies in a way, just far more pathetic. These guys are unreal. They are selfish, conniving little worms that probably deserve to be devoured by the living dead. Out of all the Survivors, this is the archetype that you want to see killed off. The fact that they are still alive shows that I am the good guy in this entire scenario.

Plus, there’s just something fascinating about them. They are, for all intent and purpose, human zombies. The only difference between a zombie and the Overweight Pig is that if the Overweight Pig tries to bite you, you won’t turn into an Overweight Pig as well. Though you’d have bigger problems on your hand, like being his dinner.

4.  The Cook

Psychopaths: Larry Chiang and Antoine Thomas

Meeting the Cook always starts off innocently. Sure, they may look a little unbalanced and covered in blood, but they work with raw meat. Sometimes, they butcher the meat, so it’s not too weird they have red on them. Things almost always take a turn for the uncomfortable and weird when they start to comment on getting fresh meat. They talk about how zombie meat isn’t right and tell you to wait while they prepare the meat for you. That’s when you see where they are getting all their fresh meat: people! Just like soylent green.

ChefAntoineWhy I like this archetype: This archetype makes a lot of sense. It’s horrifying and understandable at the same time. The Cook would naturally want to continue his given profession. And since there wouldn’t be any farm animals available for the near, and far, future, they would go to the immediate food source.

Plus, watching the Cook is quite an experience in of itself. It’s like they don’t understand what they are doing. They are so focused on their profession that they don’t consider they are hurting human beings. They scream about the meals they want to prepare, clearly only concerned for that. I sometimes wonder if they would still do what they are doing if they saw what they were doing. The answer to that is.. “probably.” But I still wonder.

3.  The Red-Neck

Psychopaths:  Militia Men (the four Hunters), Seymour Redding, Cletus Samson, and Bob Blackrock.

Survivors:  Doris Elchart, Chad Elchart, Elrod Bumpkin, and Trixie-Lynn Horton.

These people are so red-neck, it hurts looking at them. They wear it with pride. They are gun-totting southerners who aren’t afraid of anything. It’s actually really refreshing to meet them when they are Survivors, because they can carry their own weight in battle better than anyone else. It’s also frightening to meet them when they are Psychopaths, because they are easily some of the best fighters in the game. They are always well armed and aren’t afraid to shoot you.

Why I like this archetype:  First and foremost, I love the accent. It conveys a lot of personality and is just plain fun to listen to. No matter if they are Survivors or Psychopaths, they are always larger than life and three times as loud.

PortraitElrodBumpkinsThis is the archetype that’s a total parody (I hope). It takes the pop-culture view of Red-Necks and cranks it up to the extreme. We end up with snipers that are half-drunk. Overly paranoid, shotgun wielding, gun-shop owners. We have guys running around without shirts on while wearing blue jeans and a mullet. We have a sheriff with a six-shooter trying to hang people like it was the Old West. It’s all just so extreme that it’s difficult to take seriously.

In a strange way, it’s a breath of fresh air in the game. It makes me wish there were far more people with cool accents.

2.  Infected Survivor

Survivors:  Sophie Richards, Simone Ravendark, Leroy McKenna, Jared Davis, Sharon Riesinger, and Katey Greene.

The story is always the same. You find the Survivor hiding behind barricades, waiting to die. Some of them beg you for some Zombrex so they won’t turn into zombies. For others, you have to beg them to follow you to the safe house just in case they can be saved. Either way, you already know how their lives will end. All you want to do is make sure they are safe before the inevitable happens.

Why I like this archetype:  They are the victims of the franchise. They just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and was bit. It’s by no fault of their own that they are in the situation they are in. I can sympathize with them for that. I’m positive we all had situations like that, where something bad happened through no fault of our own.

I like playing video games so I can be the hero. Bite victims need help. Maybe they need Zombrex. Maybe they need to get their hands on a gun so they can stop themselves from turning. Either way, they are relying on you for help. And it feels nice to be able to help someone in need.

1.  The Sexy Damsel

Psychopath: Amber Bailey, Crystal Bailey

Survivors:  Kelly Carpenter, Lilly Deacon, Cheryl Jones, Isabela Keyes, Alyssa Laurent, Jessica McCarney, Kay Nelson, Janet Star, Darcie Blackrock, Gemini Vargas, Nikki Valentino, Tia Hernandaz, Lulu Barra, Rebecca Chang, Brittany Beck, Terri Glass, Jeanna Slick, Rosa Collins, Jessica Howe, Cora Russell, Summer Chavez, Nina Suhr, Europa Westinghouse, and Tammy Blaine.

These women are wearing next to nothing. Their clothes are so tight they might be made of paint. When you first encounter them, they are in sexually suggestive positions. Some of them are in bondage gear. Others are in their bras and panties. Still others really act like prostitutes, telling you they need $10,000 before they join you. They are the sex appeal of the franchise!

Why I like this archetype:  …………..because….

That’s some of my favorite archetypes from the Dead Rising series! What are some of yours?

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  • Ever lived in the country? I don’t know that it’s possible to parody a redneck. Living around people who take their dogs cat hunting and call each other N-word lovers non-ironically makes it really hard to tell whether pop culture is trying to make fun of them or just make realistic characters.