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Growing To Accept Trevor Phillips

How one player came to accept Grand Theft Auto V’s Trevor. 

This is going to be an incredibly SPOILER FILLED article about one of the main characters of Grand Theft Auto V, Trevor Phillips. So, if you haven’t completed the game, please stop reading now! But, if you have already finished GTA V (or you don’t mind spoilers), this article will be my views on Trevor Phillips, the crazy, volatile protagonist of the game.


Trevor Phillips. He’s the owner and CEO of Trevor Phillips Enterprises, a company that deals in the manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs and selling guns to the highest bidder. In all honesty, he’s a pretty despicable human being. A man who has seems to have very little remorse to killing people and even appears to revel in it. It was because of those reasons I initially didn’t like playing as Trevor.

Yet, underneath this very unappealing exterior (both literally and figuratively), I actually accept Trevor Phillips not just as an evil human being, but as a flawed individual. A man who endured hardship and had to struggle to find his niche in life. And all of this culminated into the creation of this incredibly insane but vulnerable human being.

Even the introductory mission shows Trevor has a heart.Even the introductory mission shows Trevor has a heart. During the final moments of the failed bank heist, Brad and Michael Townley, his allies and friends, get shot during their escape. Trevor actually tries to stand his ground, not wanting to leave his friends.

He starts killing off numerous cops in a futile attempt to stay with them. While I didn’t think that much about it at the time, in retrospect, this simple scene does show Trevor is extremely loyal to his friends.

However, when I was re-introduced to him, nine years later, he’s definitely more crazy. In fact, the first thing you see is him having sex with Ashley, Johnny Klebitz’s “woman”. It’s also revealed that Trevor takes advantage of Ashley’s addiction so he can have sex with her. Even when Johnny comes to Ashley’s defense, Trevor uses a moment of weakness from Johnny to bash his head in with a beer bottle and kill him in cold blood. At this point, I was honestly disgusted at the thought of controlling this guy throughout the game.Trevor Phillips with body

Later on, it may seem Trevor just loves killing people for no apparent reason. Well, that’s what I initially thought when I saw the first Rampage mission. This time, Trevor asks a bystander for a sip of beer from his bottle. The man refuses and, when he “accuses” Trevor of having sexual relations with his mother, he loses it and starts shooting people.

However, looking back at it, Trevor doesn’t really lose it (starting the Rampage missions) until the “victims” do two things: accuse him for being Canadian and, more telling, if they suggest he’s had sexual intercourse with his mother. And dialogue actually does hint Trevor almost did because, in Trevor’s own words, “It’s not legally [having sex] if you do not penetrate.” So, either Trevor has some unhealthy relationship with his own mother or he was abused by his parents.

And, during a later mission, it’s hinted it’s the former. One of Trevor’s side missions has his mother visit his home. Trevor’s mother berates her son and delivers a massive guilt trip. While Trevor would usually be angry by this accusations, he turns into a blubbering child and proceeds to steal a van filled with drugs to appease his mother. When he does return with the drugs, his mother is gone. It’s never fully revealed the visit this was just a figment of his imagination but it reveals what a damaged character Trevor really is deep inside.

Trevor and Mrs. Phillips

Trevor is actually heartbroken he has to return Patricia to her husband.Trevor may seem like a murderous psychopath most of the time but, throughout GTA V’s story, he also shown to have a great capacity to care for others as well. When Michael (now using the last name De Santa) and Trevor reunite and James tells them Tracey’s trying out for Fame or Shame, it’s Trevor that gets Michael to rush to the stadium to rescue her from humiliating herself.

When Jimmy sends him an email asking they go hang out and drink beers, Trevor rebuffs him, saying he thinks of him like his own kid. Also, in one story sequence, he kidnaps Patricia, the mistreated wife of a mob boss. But, instead of mistreating her, he actually becomes kind of infatuated with her and treats her with respect. Trevor is actually heartbroken he has to return Patricia to her husband.

He also has shown to actually be helpful and compassionate at times. He helps out Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill with gathering trinkets and souvenirs without expecting any payment in return. He’s shown to be cordial to Maude Eccles, the woman who gives Trevor the four bounty missions. He does mistreat Wade, his mentally challenged lackey, often but Trevor does shield him from a lot of his more violent actions, such as not letting Wade see the dead bodies of his cousin, Floyd, and Debra… after he murders them, of course.

Yes, Trevor Phillips is a deranged, sick, twisted and sadistic human being but he still is a human being. When I finally realized that, that was when I really got into the character of this madman. I may not identify with him… but I accepted him as, not just as a crazy killer, but a defective individual who was a victim of circumstance and bad luck… and a pretty awesome character!

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  • Thoughts on the torture scene and the player’s participation?

    • Personally, I didn’t enjoy performing the torture. But, as a storytelling device, I was fine with it and think it was important for the player to actually control the torture. It shows Trevor’s misogynistic and he likes to inflict pain, which is an important part of his character.

  • A woman

    Sorry, how does the torture scene show he’s mysogynistic? I’m a woman and it saddens me to see the word thrown around when it doesn’t apply. It’s starting to become meaningless.