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The PS4 and Xbox One Games Worth Upgrading For

Paul gives his top four games that would convince him to buy a new console.

It has been about six months since the release of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and everyone I know who owns one of the consoles have been enjoying their shiny new systems.  I however have been very slow to take the plunge into the next-gen and am I still a little uncertain. I am still very comfortable with my PS3 and 360 but I have been keeping my eye on the new generation. Currently there just are not enough games out there for the PS4 and Xbox One that really make me want to jump in and buy a new system.

Games are what really sell me on a new console. As it is for a lot of people the multimedia functions and different hardware specs are certainly bonuses that are worth looking at but it is the games that truly make or break the deal. These are the current and upcoming games that are making very strong cases for me to finally give in and buy a new system.

1.  Killzone: Shadow Fall


Now yes, this was a PS4 launch title. However I am a fan of the Killzone franchise and am very interested to see where the series has gone after the end of the first trilogy. While it may not have the greatest sci-fi story ever told I still found it entertaining enough to follow and I would like to see the game’s take on the cold war. The game’s multiplayer also looks to be just as good as it was before and I’m sure I would enjoy putting the hours into it. And frankly it just looks so darn gorgeous. Whenever I go to look up PS4s online, this is usually the game I am eyeing to go along with the system

2.  Destiny


Destiny‘s reveal last summer really caught my eye. Ever since all the videos I’ve seen and interviews I’ve read just make the game sound more and more appealing. The prospect of exploring a new sci-fi world with my friends in a Borderlands type environment is very exciting. The game’s visual style has a great mix between sci-fi and the old west that just fits for an open, “shared world”. I realize this will also be available on the previous generation, but I feel like if I am going to play a new game, I want it to look and play its best so PS4/Xbox One is the way to go.

3. The Witcher 3

Witcher-3 Monster

This is a game I simply cannot wait for. While information on it is still quite scarce, the game looks nothing short of amazing. The previous Witcher games were stellar examples of western style RPGs and I expect the third one will be just as good. CD Projekt has said The Witcher 3 will be an open world game that is larger than all of the areas in the second game combined.  I also expect to see the story feature several paths and outcomes similar to the choices available in the second game. And visually it is stunning. The few videos we have been shown look wonderful and truly give that ‘next-gen’ feeling. This is a title that would absolutely be worth getting a new system for.

4. The Division

the division

This game was quite surprising to see at last summer’s E3. The initial trailer showed off a very ambitious game and one that I thought looked absolutely thrilling. Post-disaster games are always fun to play in and The Division takes the great element and mixes it with the great military background of a Tom Clancy game. The prospect of exploring a severely damaged New York with friends while experience a Tom Clancy-esque story truly clicked with me. Plus the addition of MMO-like skills and missions to acquire new gear just added to my anticipation over this game.

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  • tonyctitan

    The Division is the one I am anticipating the most. I’m going to pre-order Destiny just so I can check out the beta.