Saints Row IV’s Ending Teases Another Adventure for Boss and the Crew

Beware of spoilers as we delve into where the conclusion of Saints Row IV could lead next.

As a newcomer to the Saints Row franchise, my time with Boss and the Saints was short lived. I started with the third game when the fourth was nearing its release. I loved them and grew attached to my protagonist and crew throughout the duration of these two games.

I was excited to embark on more ridiculousness and vulgarity with Troy Baker’s Boss and my gang. However, Saints Row IV’s design director Scott Phillips revealed last month that this may be the end for the Saints we know. He told GameReactor that:

We’re definitely considering Saints Row IV [to be] sort of the end of that saga of this character and the Saints as they are. So if there’s any more future Saints Rows – which you know we always hope there will be, we hope there’s fans for future games like that – they will probably continue in a different direction.

While I’m sad that Saints Row IV might be the last game with my crew, I’m totally down with getting a different generation of Saints as long as it is faithful to the spirit of the franchise. I’m open to both possibilities regardless if it is a direct sequel or a new saga altogether.

It’s worth noting that Phillip’s comment is only a possibility that Volition is considering. It opens a lot of doors for Volition to be comfortable enough to pursue whatever direction they want for the franchise. The game has just been released worldwide, so don’t expect any concrete decisions regarding future games anytime soon.

The *’Saints and Sensibility’ ending (achieved through completing all loyalty missions) only proves how Volition isn’t dead set on pursuing a particular path. The ending can potentially serve different purposes.It opens a lot of doors for Volition to be comfortable enough to pursue whatever direction they want for the franchise.

In the aforementioned ending, The Saints defeat Zinyak and Boss takes control of the Zin empire. Your personal slave informs you that there is a way to revisit Earth through time travel. This prompts the Boss to embark on a field trip before the credits roll. Throughout the credits, we see various artworks of the crew fooling around different time periods.

If you’re patient enough, you’ll be able to find out the identity of the ominous female narrator we keep hearing during several parts of the game. Of course, the ending won’t be labeled ‘Saints and Sensibility’ if the woman behind the voice wasn’t Jane Austen. The game ends with her saying: “… and that my friends, is how I first met the Saints.”


In the same article by GameReactor, Phillips noted how it was their goal to top the action and ridiculousness of Saints Row: The Third with their latest entry. It can be implied from his comments to pursue a new Saints saga may have been influenced by the idea that they might have reached their limit with superpowers, aliens, and Boss being the POTUS.

However, I can definitely see another potential adventure for Boss and The Saints from the ‘Saints and Sensibility’ ending. There could be a future game where The Saints cause havoc using time travel. They don’t even need to stay in one time period. It could be possible to jump into several different eras. Perhaps, all those artworks seen during the credits could very well be concept art for the next game.

I love how Saints Row parodies popular video game franchises like Mass Effect or Metal Gear Solid. I could sort of see how the time travel scenario could open up the possibility of seeing a spoof of Assassin’s Creed. Now, that would be totally hilarious. In addition, I bet it would be fun to see The Saints disrupt key events in history like the assassination of Julius Caesar. I bet it would be fun to see The Saints disrupt key events in history like the assassination of Julius Caesar.

Could it top super powers and aliens? It has the potential to. Just because you are going to the past, that doesn’t make it any less appealing. It all depends on execution. It’s also worth noting that you are the emperor of the Zin now and you have the power to time travel. So, you won’t be limited to ancient technology. You could bring your power armour or anal probe to the past.

Another thing that could make this work is if Volition manages to craft a world similar to Rome or Victorian England. It’s the whole idea that we could mess around with events and places that we are familiar with that makes this possibility exciting.

It was fun to work with Niccolo Machiavelli and Leonardo Da Vinci in Assassin’s Creed, but wouldn’t it be fun if we were doing a lot more ridiculous stuff with them? Perhaps, you could work with Abraham Lincoln to eradicate a zombie menace? Saints Row isn’t a stranger when it comes to doing celebrity cameos so this is something I think they can pull off.

Jane Austen as a homie?
Jane Austen as a homie?

Of course, Volition could just decide to start from scratch and tell a new story with different characters. It would be cool though if they could still acknowledge the past games by maybe creating an alternate timeline through all that time travelling business. Regardless, I am definitely looking forward to more Saints Row games. The ending of Saints Row IV shows us how the numerous possibilities for more ridiculousness and vulgarity to come.

*Note: I am only calling it the ‘Saints and Sensibility’ ending based on the context. However, that is the label of the trophy/achievement if you are wondering. You can get the trophy and the ‘full’ ending by simply completing loyalty missions. I did it and got the more in-depth ending, but not the trophy. It turns out you need to finish ALL side quests too to get it. However, it’s not required to get the ending I mentioned. 

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  • RuleEverywhere

    It would be a shame if the Boss and the crew’s saga would end right there.
    The time-period-jumping is a great idea. I think there should have been some sort of The Third.5 instead of IV coming out. To be honest, I played the game only for how the characters were so different, but get along so well. It’s like the family I’ve never had. It feels like your almost part of their adventures.

  • Nordlys

    Killing Garibaldi in SR series for the most evil things he did against my homeland, will be a dream 🙂
    I hope the Boss will always be a customizable character. I love my long-haired ginger viking.