CCP Bans Players for Life Over EVE Online Monument Vandalism

Three Eve Online gamers have been given permanent bans for defacing the game’s real life monument in Iceland. 

CCP Games, the developers of EVE Online, built a real life monument to the game in their native Iceland. The Worlds Within a World structure, which stands over 15 metres tall, hosts the name of every active EVE Online player at the time it was designed.

Just days later during the recent EVEfest, fans damaged the monument to remove or obscure the names of some polemical players and now CCP has tracked down those responsible according to a forum post.

Community manager Falcon wrote the vandalism was “an insult to the entire community, not just to the individual whose name was directly targeted.”

Following the bans, “we now consider this issue resolved within the EVE Universe, and any further action taken outside the virtual world relating to criminal damage or recovery of costs for repairs to the EVE Universe Monument will remain confidential between CCP Games, the authorities, and those involved.”

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