GameStop Dumpster Diving is a Thing

It appears that people actually dive into GameStop’s dumpsters to get some of the goodies they throw away.

Yesterday, I came across an article on IGN that was about people scavenging through GameStop’s dumpsters. This is probably not a new phenomena because I bet that people thought of this a long time ago. I guess it was interesting because I never thought about this until I saw the article. I quickly browsed YouTube for videos of people doing this. Lo and behold, I get tons of vids where people proudly rummage through the company’s trash.

It was mentioned that GameStop became aware of this and now orders employees to destroy the products before throwing them away. If they were going to throw it anyway, what does it matter if people take them? It’s not like they would have paid for it in the first place.

I have an example video from okchief420 and they seem like experts at this! Enjoy.


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