Nathan Fillion Shut Down Justin Bieber at a Halo Launch Party

And you thought he couldn’t be any more awesome. 

What happens when Justin Bieber’s entourage wants to clear a room so real life Joffrey the ‘singer’ can play Halo all by himself? He gets shut down by Nathan Fillion of course. To much applause, Alan Tudyk told a crowd at the recent NerdHQ what happened. Okay, this story is only tenuously linked to our video game remit but we can all support this, right? Skip ahead to the 28:32 mark to catch how it all went down.


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  • Laughed my ass off at “real life Joffrey”. Should have put “singer” in quotes, though. Little turd.

    • I have now! Clink on the link on “real life Joffrey”, he totally fits.