Get Your Voice in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Have you ever wanted to have your voice featured in a Dragon Age game? If yes, it’s totally possible. 


Yesterday, BioWare announced the Take Your Place in the Inquisition contest on their blog. You can win a chance to get your voice heard in the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition game. There are two scripts available, but you only need to do one. You can either provide the voice for a villager or a Seneschal. They are both quite short and simple especially since BioWare specifically mentioned not to fret about accents, make-up, or props. The voice is the most important thing.

I’m not quite sure if it’s required for you to be seen in your submission, but maybe you need to if they mentioned YouTube as the platform. Anyway, the contest already started and will close at 12:01 a.m PST on March 24, 2014. The winner will be announced on April 14, 2014 and will be flown in to one of their recording studios with two nights’ accommodation.

If you’re interested, send your entry to and they also encourage sharing it in social media with the hashtag #TakeYourPlaceDAI. I was going to give it a go, but I failed miserably.

Check out the promo video below and blog post linked above for more details.


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