The Last of Us Left Behind

The Best Games for Couples on Valentines’s Day?

What game do you enjoy sitting down to play with your partner? 

Fable III may not be viewed particularly favourably but the fact of the matter is, the game’s one of the best for playing with a partner but what’s your favourite title to play with someone you love?

Of course, if you’re not with someone at the moment there’s plenty to keep you occupied this Valentine’s Day. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (PS3, Xbox 360) is out today in Europe and Sony has released The Last of Us: Left Behind (PS3), while many are diving into the Titanfall (PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One) beta which also begins today. If you want to take a break from gaming, Game of Thrones: Season 3 is also hitting retailers today in Europe and if you’re in North America and still waiting for that, all of House of Cards Season 2 has arrived on Netflix as of this morning.

What are you up to on the most romantic day of the year?

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  • Hmm.. Actually as long as the game allows 2 people to play together, it’s fine with us because the list is really long. Of course our fave would be Mmorpgs although we enjoy Fps/tps just as much. Currently, we’re playing Diablo 3 the most, so, we’re looking forward to RoS.