BioShock iOS

Is BioShock on iOS for You?

We’d hoped for a new BioShock but what we got is a port. 


The first BioShock is heading to iOS, biOShock, if you will, but there’s no release date or price as of yet. Do you think playing on your phone will have the same impact or should 2K have kept Rapture on PC and consoles? There’s nothing wrong with playing mobile games of course but let us know what you think.

Also, way to let people down, guys.

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  • Two quick thoughts:
    (1) Bioshock is a great game, but it’s going to play terribly on iPad. And it’s not going to look as good. And there’s no reason for it to exist right now.
    (2) This is as big a slap in the face to Vita owners as there can possibly be.

    • Even if they’d made the game that was going to be released on Vita on iOS it would be something but this is cruel.

  • tonyctitan

    I feel most games of this ilk are unplayable on ipad however I did enjoy the ios version of deadspace so I will keep an open mind on this but damn I would love a vita version of this game!