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How Important is Canon to You?

Does it matter if something isn’t canon in a video game?


News recently came out that Star Wars will officially not consider anything outside of the main films as canon to give filmmakers freedom on the latest film. Others are completely fine with it, while others are carrying their torches. Yes, that means that KOTOR and other games are basically fan fiction now. How about you gamers? Would you feel the same way if it happened to your favorite video game series? I can understand why people would be mad because the characters and story arcs they invested their time basically don’t exist anymore. Some say that it shouldn’t matter since it shouldn’t be a factor on how you enjoy content.

What do you say?

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Yesika Reyes

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  • In video games, I’m fine with stepping outside of canon, because I’m interested in the story and playing things out. Maybe a new story in the same universe, like KotOR. But at the same time, I don’t want the game to change canon events.

  • Fred

    3 Words: Curse you Disney

  • “Canon” is the most overrated concept in fandoms. It does not exist. Their is no canon. Stories are told and retold. Stories change as they are told from different perspectives. The KOTOR stories still exist. Our memories of them still exist. Our enjoyment from playing those games and reading those books still exist.

  • Savannah Winter

    Canon is anathema to the shipwoman. I only use it for rough guidelines for making characters do cute stuff.