These two would have been perfect together.

Should You Date a Fellow Gamer?

Sometimes it’s a blessing to share your love for video games, but there are times when it can be destructive. 


Yesterday, I had an interesting conversation with my fellow gamer friend. I asked her if she would date someone who was interested in video games, and she said no. She told me that it’s because she is afraid that they will be more interested in video games than in her. I actually never thought about that. Personally, it’s not a prerequisite for me but it’s an awesome bonus if I’m dating someone who is. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing someone who gets your inside jokes about video games and understands the geek culture you live in.

How about you?

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  • Yes! My partner and me are hardcore gamers since we were kids and we’ve been together for a decade. Getting married with a hint of a gaming theme fir our wedding. Like any relationships.. There’s a need to make things balanced, compromise and understanding each other. <3

  • Tell your friend that anybody who likes gaming more than he likes her isn’t worth her time anyways. What I’d be worried about is how we’d distribute time when a new Mass Effect comes out or something. Gamer love is awesome for multiplayer games, but what the hell do you do for singleplayer games? I guess you’d have to get two consoles or make a rule that the each of you can only play it when the other is gone to avoid spoilers.

  • Savannah Winter

    Why date when you can read/write fluffy fanfic instead?

    Were I the dating type, I don’t see why it would be a problem necessarily. Any hobby can consume someone to the abandonment of a relationship, so video gaming isn’t unique in that regard. However, I would have a lot more apprehension about dating a guy gamer than I would a woman gamer, given the toxicity of male gamer culture, but I doubt he’d pass muster before gaming even came up as a topic.

  • I don’t understand her logic

  • I would say that it’s really nice to have a boyfriend/girlfriend that understand the urge to play and the hours that goes into it and does the same. One should not, in my opinion, think of it as him/her ignoring the other if they’re both gamers.

  • I think the answer is in the middle. My partner is definitely into games and we have spent a million hours gaming together. However, if he was *as* into gaming as I am, we might never get out of the house. I could easily imagine two hardcore gamers being in a relationship resulting in some destructive patterns. (Obviously, that is a generelization and I’m sure there are people out there making it work!). It’s good that my partner can play COD with me for a few hours and then suggest that maybe we venture outside for a while. Balance is a key part of relationships and it certainly is relevant to gaming as well.

  • Why not? I believe you need other people to share both your likes and dislikes. But I would like him to understand my “special needs.” I love watching video games like a movie. I would love to get a boyfriend who would be happy in just letting me watch him play games since I’m more in it for the story and not try to force me to play the game until I’m good and ready.