What’s Your Dream Video Game Cosplay?

If time, money, and talent weren’t obstacles, who would you be?


I remember going to a convention for the very first time, and I was in awe of most of the people who were cosplaying at the event. They really put a lot of effort into making the costume for their character. I could imagine that doing their make-up probably took several hours. Their armor and props wouldn’t be so intricately designed if they hadn’t poured months into it. I also know that it’s not cheap either if you want to pull off something realistic. My dream was always to be a Stormtrooper from Star Wars, but the cost was too heavy for me since it ranged $700 to a $1000.

Honestly, my dream video game cosplay would be a female version of the Illusive Man post-indoctrination. Why? I love how the synthetic part of him is creeping through large and small cracks of his skin. This can definitely pulled off using similar techniques for zombie make-up. The blue circuits can also be done using glow in the dark paint with black latex paint as the base. Eye contacts is a given for the eyes and the outfit is definitely a modified tux. I could probably dye some of hair white a la Rogue. However, it’s easier said that done since the most difficult part would have to be the make-up since that will take a lot of time and talent. Someday though!

How about you? Let us know and post a photo inspiration!

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