Who’s Your Favourite Irish Game Character?

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! To celebrate, tell us who your favourite Irish game character is! 

There are a great many Irish video game characters including some whose heritage you may not have known about. Anna and Nina Williams (Tekken), Irish (Red Dead Redemption), Sean Devlin (The Saboteur), Harman Smith (Killer 7), Packie McReary (Grand Theft Auto IV), Aran Ryan (Super Punch-Out!!/Wii Punch-Out!!), Catherine O’Hara (Valkyria Chronicles), Cu Chulainn (Shin Megami Tensei), Colin Moriarty (Fallout 3), and more are all Irish characters in games while PS3 exclusive Folklore was set in the country, Ellen even had a surprisingly convincing accent for a change.

In terms of Irish actors who’ve lent their talents to games, Michael Fassbender voiced King Logan in Fable III while Liam Neeson was your dad in Fallout 3. Many of these characters are poor stereotypes (Irish) voiced by actors who wouldn’t know a genuine Irish accent if it smacked them in the face (Moriarty) but who do you think is the best of the bunch?

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  • The first character who came to my mind was Atlas from Bioshock. I think he stands out because you really only hear his voice, clearly an Irish accent, and don’t see him in the game. I guess he’s technically not an Irish character, since he’s just a part that Frank Fontaine played to fool us, but he’s who I thought of.