Which Franchise Would You Like Obsidian to Tackle Next?

With South Park already released, which license would you like to see Obsidian take on?

In a new interview with CVG, Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart has said the studio would love to make a Skyrim-like game and was similarly enthusiastic about the prospect (however unlikely as they may be) of returning to the Star Wars and Fallout franchises.

Obsidian is currently developing Pillars of Eternity and a new Kickstarter from should be revealed soon.

Would you like to see the developer take on more licenses or forge its own IPs?

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  • ponder

    I’d love to see them get another crack at Fallout. New Vegas was great despite their production time getting cut, with proper time and funding they could make a masterpiece. Same goes for a new Knights of the Old Republic game, or a sequel to Alpha Protocol. However aren’t they working on a new project already? I seem to remember them having a kickstarter going recently for something.

  • Easily Fallout. Even their least developed character in New Vegas was better than the most developed character in any Bethesda game ever made.