BioShock Infinite

What is the Future of BioShock?

Where else should the game go? We’ve gone up and below.


We found out in February that the franchise is still alive and well even after Irrational disbanded. It’s quite a challenge to think of what’s next for BioShock that’ll top the previous two games. We’ve already seen cities underwater and in the sky. What’s next? The ground? That’s kind of boring since that’s real life. I’m out of ideas.


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  • As excited as I would be to have another BioShock or ten more, I fear the series won’t be the same. Not sure where the series would take us next either- I wouldn’t mind going back to Rapture again though.

  • I hope to see more cities based on more and different Political Ideologies. We had a pure capitalism nation and a city based on hyper manifest destiny and Christianity but would like a city based built on being more hardcore -and sustainable- communist community, where people are forced to share or give up your goods. OR a military Buddhist city where citizens believe that life is nothing but suffering and troops and citizens alike fight against the enemy in extremist ways, not fearing death because of their faith in reincarnation.

    As for location, I don’t know, maybe an underground location, or a lot isolated but a sustainable floating island.

  • Collin Barnes

    What if they created a game with a space setting? Maybe post-Space Race?