Sims Summer

Will You Game Binge this Summer?

You have all the time in the world!

When I was younger, summer meant that it was the season of doing nothing. I’m in college and it’s not quite the same since I’m doing internships between the school years. I thought that I have all the time in the world to play, but I realized that I didn’t. I come home so tired from my internship that I often fall asleep during loading screens of video games.

How about you guys?

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  • It has been 32 days since I last played a console video game. I’m thinking of trying to make it until Dragon Age Inquisition comes out. Maybe I’ll reward myself with a PS4.

  • PSN’s first summer sale just dropped the current release I most wanted to play into my lap at $20 cheaper days before my vacation begins to tide me over until the Destiny beta drops. Serendipity is seldom a friend of mine, but it’s oh so sweet when it is. Let the summer gaming season begin!

  • I started a Defiance let’s play series so definitely playing Defiance. I might check out some Steam sales though likely not buying anything.