Deliverance Kingdom Come

Are You Up for Games that Dare to be Different?

There’s a new RPG on the way that’s doing something a little different. Are you going to give it a shot?

Earlier this week Czech studio Warhorse announced Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

It’s a Medieval fantasy RPG set in the Holy Roman Empire (that being modern day Germany and some of the surrounding countries, not the Roman Empire itself) but the game has no magic, no monsters, no dragons, and no enchanted weapons. Essentially none of the things you’d expect from an RPG of its kind.

Would you be prepared to give it a go?

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  • That all smacks of a developer who’s confident that they’ve crafted great gameplay and/or story and doesn’t feel a need for the usual tropes. Let’s do it!

  • Savannah Winter

    It reminds me of Mount and Blade, which I was a fan of. Partially. I was not a fan of how dying in it was worse than dying in Dark Souls by miles. Dark Souls, you just start back. Mount and Blade, you get dragged around and they take your horse so you’re stuck trying to save up enough money to get a new horse while incapable of getting any money at all because horses are critical to everything. Well, you might manage if you join a siege with a kingdom you’re employed with.